As Long As You Love Me

This is a fanifc about Justin Bieber for the Justin Bieber fanfic contest, please rate comment and enjoy!

This story is about a girl named Allegra and she has been waiting to go to a Justin Bieber concert ever since he he became famous, but she has never had enough money. She lived on her own because both of her parents died in a car accident. What will happen when she goes backstage to meet him, will it change her life?


1. Making Money

Hi my name is Allegra and I am a HUGE Justin Bieber fan. I have always dreamed of going to one of his concerts,but never had enough money, if my mom and dad were still alive then they would pay for my Justin Bieber tickets. My mom and dad were really rich so they could have easily bought me my tickets, but they never spoiled me at all. Then they got into a car accident and died. I've been on my own for about 5 and half years ago. I have been trying to think of ways to make money so I can go to a Justin Bieber concert , I mean i can get a job if I wanted to, I am 18, but i've had one before and they suck! I was thinking about having a garage sale, I do have a lot of pointless things, but I wanna make sure I am not getting rid of any of my parents things because I still live in my parents giant house all by myself. I collected about 70 things that i didn't use or want any more. I put up a bunch of different signs to tell people about my garage sale. 

*The Next Day*

I got up and ready at about 8:00 A.M. I was actually really excited because if I made enough money I can go to the Justin Bieber concert. To my surprise a ton of people showed up. After the garage sale I began to count the money and started to get nervous, because what if I didn't have enough money? I would be devastated. After counting the money I sighed in relief to see that I made $2547. I couldn't believe that I made so much money, it was incredible. I looked online to see how much the tickets were and I found a meet and greet for about $2300, I was about to faint because I realized I had enough money for the meet and greet. I quickly clicked the "Buy Now" button and bought the meet and greet tickets, but what i didn't realize was that the meet and greet was a lot closer than i thought, it was tomorrow.

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