Why are you too blind to see?

A poem about someone with depression


2. Why are you too blind to see? #2

Why are they too blind to see?

Why can’t they you see what they’re doing to me?

Why haven’t they seen the pain of which I process?

Why do you give me these pills that I didn’t want to reprocess?


Why don’t they get me?


No one will ever understand me.

No one ever feels what I feel.

No one needs to run.

No one.


And why?


I’ve trusted too many of you.

I’ve believed too many of you.

I’ve put my heart and soul into every word you’ve ever said.

I’ve played a fool for too long - too many tears had been shed.


Now, I’m drowning.


Drowning in every word you all spoke.

Drowning in a weary smoke.

Drowning in the loneliness of which I told myself I live in.

Drowning in the blood that poured of which left marks on my skin.


But I won’t ever tell you why.


You know there’s something wrong,

You know I’m good at acting strong.

You know I’ll never feel good enough.

You know I don‘t want to be here anymore.


You see, I’m only trying to impress you.


Why do I though?

Why bother if you’re all going to betray me?

Why when you’re all going to leave me?

Why are you so blind to see?


I’m crying for help.

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