Beach House

Its my first story, so please tell me what you think! :)


1. Seeing You Again


   I was sitting in airport, waiting for my best friend Summer to come pick me up. You see, I haven't seen her since 6th grade. Her family moved to Florida. So I was really excited to finally get to see her again. Considering now were both 19.  Summer was born exactly one month before me.     To be honest I was nervous. Like, real nervous to see her again. I was worrying that she might have changed and she doesn't like me that much anymore. But then I realized that we Skype and text each other a lot, so I really had nothing to worry about.     Summer is supposed to pick me up at 8:30and right now it's 8:10 I was really anxious to see my best friend in person again. I couldn't wait so I texted her:       Hey your supposed to pick me up where are you?  I don't know why I texted before she was even supposed to pick me up. But like I said before, I was getting really anxious. A minute or two passed and then she replied saying:
      calm down Jay I'm on my way can't wait to see you!
(my full names Jada) I smiled and typed:       Can't wait to see you too :) Then I put down my phone and sat, thinking about all the fun things we would have to cram into two weeks. I knew we were going somewhere away from her home but I'm not sure where.       I just sat for a while and then I looked up and saw a girl looking around for someone. Then as she got closer, I recognized the face. I yelled "SUMMER!!" and ran up to her. I gave her a massive hug. Wow, was I happy to see her.  We left the airport and got in her car.   "Soo," I said, trying to start a conversation that didn't include the words miss you and I'm so happy to see you again, "What exactly do you plan on doing these next two weeks?" She started the car and then replied, "Well I actually bought a beach house a few month ago. I live alone." I gasped " No.Way. I can't believe that you got a beach house. I am so jealous of you! This is going to be so much fun!" I squeed. Summer laughed at my over-excitement.   Then I started imagining exactly what it would look like. I picture this giant window that you could just stare out of for hours without getting bored because it was so beautiful. Well at least I could. Arizona isnt exactly a place where there's beaches and oceans everywhere.    I was a little worried to go to Summer's house though because she's... well.. very messy. She probably still can't cook and her whole house is huge mess with clothes everywhere. The only thing she can cook is ramen noodles! I silently chuckled to myself.       The rest of the car ride was pretty awkwardly silent. I didn't picture it to be late quiet. But, it was. We talked a little about hows she likes Florida, and how Arizona is. Which college we plan on going to, Basically all the boring stuff your older relatives ask at your birthday party.       Then the car came to a stop. I saw her house. It was amazing.
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