They Don't Know About Us

When Zayn and Harry start sneaking around behind everyones backs, things take a turn- and not for the worse. However, with one simple click of a button, everything can change.


1. One.

Zayn and Harry had been sneaking around everyones backs for a while now. No one suspected a thing either, however they both knew one day there were bound to be outed. Whether it be by a fan or someone else, or the two boys themselves. Right now though, the two boys were walking along the shore of the beach.

Hand in hand.

It was dark and it was late and they knew the chances they would be seen weren't very likely. The other three boys had thought that Zayn was on a date with Perrie and Harry was out, like usual. What would they think if they found out the truth though? Harry thought.

He didn't want to disappoint them or their fans. Neither did Zayn... How would the fans react if they found out the two were in a relationship? The chances are that a majority of the fans wouldn't mind, but a minority of the fans would. That's why they kept it all on the down low, hidden and a secret.

Zayn had broken up with Perrie, though no one except for Harry knew. Simply for the fact the two still pretended to date in order to keep Zayn and Harry's relationship secret.

"Harry," Zayn said causing those emerald eyes of Harry's to meet Zayn's brown ones. Harry looked at the older boy with an raised eyebrow. "We're here."

Harry looked before them, to find the weekend house they had rented for the weekend. They hadn't planned on doing anything, but sometimes things happen when you're caught up in the moment.

The younger boy started to walk towards the small house, but was pulled back by Zayn pulling on his wrist causing Harry to turn around again and stumble into the older boy's chest.

Harry and Zayn met eyes once again before they both started leaning in, closing their eyes.  Their lips met each others, causing the two boys to smile into the kiss that was full of passion, love and lust.

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