Nymph of the Winds

At the end of Child of the Seas, Merry, weakened with poison, left Ebony's world with a promise to come back one day. Both girls knew it could be decades before they could meet again.
Now, the girls are having serious problems in their worlds. Kingdom Castle in Ebony's world has been taken over by Jabel, a strange, cruel man. Merry's younger brother Sadler has gone missing.
Enter Damaris, a strange orphan girl with the power to manipulate air. Born between worlds, she has the phenomenal power of opening and closing the barriers around them. However, as an agent of Jabel, her powers aren't being used for good.
Everything is chaotic for the two girls... but is the sinister Nymph of Winds their only hope?


2. Merry - 1

It was the day after I had told him about my powers. That I remember.

It had seemed like nothing. One simple trip to the grocery store. One little errand of buying a couple apples. I knew he wanted to get away from me. I didn't think a few stories about the prophecy would make him hate me so much.

But then there was a woman, dressed in snowflakes. A girl, maybe. No-one could tell. After she left, though, one thing was certain: she had taken Saddie and disappeared. Off the face of the Earth! the reporter had panicked. Nothing. Not a trace of poor Sadler Lake and his kidnapper.

I had my suspicions of her actually having vanished off this world. And now I still think so.

I called for Sadler. I yelled his name. I screamed it. I cried.

No answer.

Why does Jabel have to hurt us so much?

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