The Hunger Games

In a place far away, a time many years away, there is a country called Panem. Panem has games. Deadly ones. Games where you will put your life on the line. The winner is bathed in riches and glory. The losers, well.....
They die.

These games are called the Hunger Games.

Lavender Varisity has been chosen for The Hunger Games, and gosh dammit is she going to make it a memorable one! With her partner Flax in tow, she will win these Games!

But things aren't always as easy as they seem...


1. Proluge

I ran like the wind. I heard the careers feet thrashing around behind me. How did I let this happen? The faster I ran the more the net loomed above me. The less time I had to think about what to do. 10 meters. 5 meters. 3 meters. Instincs took over and I vaulted over the net. Right into the arms of a career. Of course. They were expecting me to jump over the net. I thrashed around but resistance was futile. He held me in an iron grip. Stupid, stupid, stupid.... I thought as the career hit me over the back of the neck.

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