The Hunger Games

In a place far away, a time many years away, there is a country called Panem. Panem has games. Deadly ones. Games where you will put your life on the line. The winner is bathed in riches and glory. The losers, well.....
They die.

These games are called the Hunger Games.

Lavender Varisity has been chosen for The Hunger Games, and gosh dammit is she going to make it a memorable one! With her partner Flax in tow, she will win these Games!

But things aren't always as easy as they seem...


2. Chapter 1: A (Not so) great adventure

Authors Note: Hello all! and thank you for deciding to read this fanfiction! Just a quick note: I've decided to redo this story, the only thing of it left is the proluge, because I am quite happy with that. Anyhow, Let the games begin! 

And may the odds be ever in your favor.....



"And the tribute for District 11 is....." Her hand fished around in what looked to be a gigantic fish bowl. "Lavender Varisity! Come on up Lanenderrrr...." Her voice morphed and twisted, ans suddenly she was 100 feet tall. Her high heeled foot tapped impatiently, sending earthquakes shuddering around the square. A hole opened up right beneath me and I fell into it. I landed with a thud in a giant fish bowl. " Lavender Varisity! She picked me up and deposited me.....

Onto the floor. "Oof!" I grunted as I got up off of the dusty floor. It was probably 5 judging by the fact that the sun was just peeking over the horizon. I made my bed, (Well more like straightened my threadbare blanket) and changed into my clothes. My clothes mainly consisted of whatever we could find. Our District wasn't particularly rich, and whoever was rich, or at least had enough money to feed their families, were usually greedy pigs. In our family, the kids would be lucky to even get a strip of grooseling. Suffice to say, I didn't usually get any food. The food chain was, the adults got most of the food, whatever was leftover went to me, then passed to my younger sister, so on and so forth. Unfortunately, I generally had to give up my food to the younger ones. Something about 'Growing up to be big and strong!' didn't appeal me apparently, because my parents never said that to me. So my day to day life mainly consisted of waking up, giving my food to the younger ones, going hungry, going to work, (Which let's face it, is nothing more than harvesting.) coming home after sounding the whistle, going hungry and going to bed. But there is one day that is different. One day, where instead of harvesting food, they harvest people. 

That's right......

It's the 20th year of the Hunger Games.


Whoop de doo.

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