Hunger Games Fan Fiction (COLLAB)

In the world of Panem, where Katniss' win never exsisted, its the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Which calls for a Quarter Quell. Just an hour before the reaping, Flora Caverley bumps into Katniss Everdeen. They instantly become best mates... but then the reaping tares everything apart.



Yeah. We haven't updated in a while. Uhhhh..... Sorry?

It's just that it takes AGES to write a chapter, considering the fact that the later chapters are rather long, about 3,000 words, and when you've worked on the chapter at different times on a word document, typing each individual word over again is really tiring. (I'm a grammar freak as well, so typing, fixing errors and things like that take a while, a little over 3 hours, and it gets really boring re-typing what you've just written. So if Movellas could make it that you can copy and paste from Word Documents, that'd be much easier. Thanks.)

Also, I've looked over the story, and noticed that the writing in this isn't really as good as I thought it was. (Well, in my parts anyways. I don't know what Chelsea thinks of hers.) So, we're re-writing this. It's a massive overhaul, but the story isn't changing, don't worry. It's just going to take some time.

So, as soon as Chelsea gives me the second chapter, I'll publish the first. AGAIN. XD

Thank you for reading (So far anyways, and for now..)


~From ZameZelder and Chelsea_Rena.


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