Hunger Games Fan Fiction (COLLAB)

In the world of Panem, where Katniss' win never exsisted, its the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Which calls for a Quarter Quell. Just an hour before the reaping, Flora Caverley bumps into Katniss Everdeen. They instantly become best mates... but then the reaping tares everything apart.


5. The Prep Team (Fianna)


I couldn't sleep.

There I said it.

I mean who could? We were about to end up in the Hunger Games, for heaven's sake. Nightmare's haunted me throughout the night if I did get some shut eye. Terrible dreams about the games and my family being killed by a handful of Peacekeepers. I was completely restless. The next morning I dressed up for the occasion of entering the Capitol as Effie had ordered. I slipped on a white lace dress with white flats and brushed my hair so it looked like silk. I pinned the Mockingjay to the ribbon tied tightly around my waist and gave a small smile. I hurried down  the hallway and met with everyone in the dining room. Katniss looked beautiful. She wore a strapless beige that fell just above the knees and beige sandals.Although she looked stunning...... She looked uncomfortable. Then my eyes stumbled across Effie. Outrageous as ever... I helped myself to some pork dumplings and some toast for breakfast, hungry after a long night. As soon as I sat down Effie smiled. " Hello dear! Did you have a good sleep?" She asked. " Yes...." I lied looking over to Katniss, "I see you got the pin." She looked down at the pin resting on her upper chest. " It's lovely. Thank you Flora." Effie clasped her hands together. " It's great to see you girls getting along! I just-" "- Yeah. It is great to see you girls getting along. You should make the most of it, as only one person is coming out." Haymitch sneered as he entered the car with a bottle of alcohol in one hand. I rolled my eyes " Thanks pal. Feeling much, much better about entering the games." I muttered. " Oh Shut up, Fiona..." Haymitch groaned as he helped himself to breakfast. Katniss stood up. " It's Flora, Haymitch. We would feel much better if you weren't our mentor you pathetic fake." Katniss growled. " Miss Everdeen!" Effie cried disappointed in Katniss. Haymitch spun around a sharp knife at Katniss's neck. " HEY! Maybe if you didn't volunteer for your pretty little sister, you wouldn't have me as a mentor! In fact none of you would! I'd suggest you sit down, Katniss Everdeen, or you'd wish you'd never messed with me in the first place." Katniss gulped, sitting back down. I stood up for her and shot daggers into Haymitch's eyes. " Haymitch leave her alone. Go have a drink." " Gladly." Haymitch snarled, making his way over to the fridge. " Um.... look! we're here!" Effie yelled, easing the awkward silence. I rushed to the window, eager to sneak a peek of the Capitol. The train made it's way into the city and large crowds tried to get a wave from us. They all looked as ridiculous as Effie. Effie stood up and brushed her skirt. " Ladies it's your time to shine. Smile when you walk out there, try and get some sponsors." I nodded and checked my pin. Perfect, just the way I like it. The train soon came to a slow stop and crowds began to mob the exit from the train. I stayed close to Katniss and she soon gave me a small smile. The doors slid open and we were greeted by a fairly large crowd. I didn't wave for half the walk, but Katniss gave me a nudge to lighten up. I needed as many sponsors as I could if I wanted to win.....



I was naked around these complete strangers.

My prep team crowded around me as I lay down  on the bench, making mean comments about my figure. They 'Cleaned me up' and I looked in the mirror when they allowed it. If I put on one of those strange wigs (and some strange clothes) I would look exactly like a lady from the Capitol. "Here..." One lady laughed chucking me a robe. I quickly wrapped it around me as another person walked in. He had dark skin and wore simple clothes, he looked pretty plain for my stylist. "Hi.." I stammered, holding out my hand. "I'm Flora." The man nodded and generously accepted. " I know that kid. I'm Cinna... I'll be your stylist for the Quarter Quell." Cinna said. "Thanks." I muttered. " I heard this was your first time as District 12's stylist." I whispered. " Yeah it is, but there will be no mistakes... promise." Cinna laughed, patting me on the shoulder. "Now, District 12.... Coal Miners....." Cinna said. I smirked. " You're not going to dress me up in coal dust are you?" I asked, remembering the time some kids had to go as coal dust. Cinna shook his head. " No, That won't be necessary." Cinna gave a small smile, " Although, you will be on fire.." He said as he jotted something down in his clipboard. " Literally?" My eyes widened. It was a joke! Cinna shrugged. " Oh no. It will only be synthetic. It wouldn't be nice to have real fire now would it?" Cinna smiled. " Wait. You weren't joking?" My jaw dropped when he nodded. " I never joke darling. You will be wrapped in synthetic fire, thanks to a long dress. You'll look amazing Flora." He then gave a tilt of his head. " Is that your real hair?" He asked. I grabbed a strand of my Platinum blonde hair. " I know, I know. I hate it. It's a horrid color and everyone thinks I'm from the Capitol. No offense." Cinna shook his head. "No it's not! It's perfect for the design! Can I dip-dye the ends of your hair black? When I'm done with it, it'll look like you've been bated in coal." Cinna's eyes lit up. I wasn't too sure on the idea of me being wrapped in fire, but I gave a small smile. "Ok.... Well, let's give it a shot!"

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