Hunger Games Fan Fiction (COLLAB)

In the world of Panem, where Katniss' win never exsisted, its the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Which calls for a Quarter Quell. Just an hour before the reaping, Flora Caverley bumps into Katniss Everdeen. They instantly become best mates... but then the reaping tares everything apart.


4. Meeting Haymitch {Fianna}


I shrank back into my seat as our 'mentor' stumbled around the room, pouring himself a glass of whiskey or something.... He then sat down or more, collapsed on the seat next to us. "Looks like it's only girls this time eh? Thats a...biht sehxsists." He slurred a bit more and then asked if we agreed. I groaned and smacked my head into the pillow on the couch. Katniss looked at me. "We are going to die!" I groaned throwing my hands up in the air as a sign of defeat. Katniss frowned. "The only time we can give up is when we are dead and in the afterlife!" Katniss said determinedly. "We are going to be dead soon if our mentor doesn't get off his ass and do something...." I muttered. Katniss wrestled the cup out of Haymitch's hand which had a surprisingly tough grip. Katniss sat him back down and glared at him. "Now mentor, how do we go about the Hunger Games?" Katniss said slowly. Haymitch laughed and got another cup of beer. "Stay alive sweetie." He laughed then tipped the contents of the cup onto me. I was drenched and stank of beer. I picked up the closest weapon I could find which was a knife and threw it so it whizzed past Haymitch's head. He looked thoughtful for a moment before sitting back down. "Sit'down both of you!" He roared. We both sat down immediately. "Now, you both want to live, you've gotta listen to me. You girl on the left, (which was me) you can throw a knife pretty well. What else can you do?" He said quietly. " I can throw spears I guess" I mumbled surprised by his change of personality. Haymitch turned to Katniss. "What is your weapon girlie?" My weapon is a bow and arrow..." She trailed off looking at the cup in Haymitch's hand, then back at me. Haymitch laughed. " I won't pour beer onto you if you listen to me and do as I say. I'll teach you, sober but don't get in the way of my drinking. Deal?" Haymitch said. I looked at Katniss and she looked back at me. "Deal." We both said at the same time.

"Now the first thing you need to know is that the careers are very strong. Don't mess with them. Under any circumstances." Haymitch growled. I had taken a shower and was not keen to get beer poured on me again so I said nothing. " Also, you can either make freinds or go solo. Whatever you choose it will affect the Games considerably." Haymitch continued. " But what if we make freinds with the careers?" I asked. Haymitch shook his head. "They won't. They only recruit people really special, or if they are from a really rich district. Which coming from us, is probably not going to happen." He paused to take a swig of the drink. Soon we will get to the Capitol. Whatever you do, do not complain about what your stylists do." Haymitch finished. "What if-" I started, remembering the time some poor kids went as coal dust. " NOTHING!" Haymitch yelled. I yawned and Haymitch sighed. "It's going to be a ling day tomo- ah screw it. Go to bed already." He finished. I looked out the window at the lights of the Capitol. They looked very bright. I sighed as I took one last look then walked off to bed.
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