Hunger Games Fan Fiction (COLLAB)

In the world of Panem, where Katniss' win never exsisted, its the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Which calls for a Quarter Quell. Just an hour before the reaping, Flora Caverley bumps into Katniss Everdeen. They instantly become best mates... but then the reaping tares everything apart.


2. Away we go {Fianna}

Flora's P.O.V

Effie's wig bounced precariously on her head. I felt my face pale. Katniss...... Katniss Everdeen!? The girl who I had met at the fence just this morning?! I saw her face pale as she remembered who I was. Effie just grinned and made us shake hands. She then lifted our hands above her head. " Give a round of applause for our district 12 tributes!" Instead of applause though we were met with silence. Instead District 12 gave us the boldest form of applause district 12 could give. Three outstretched fingers. It was an old form of respect. I looked at Katniss and I knew we were both thinking the same thing: We were both going into the Hunger Games.

We were both led off into the Justice Building by a group of Peacekeepers. The Justice Building is where the tributes go to see their family one last time before they went to death. I sat on the dark velvet couch. Velvet. Velvet was a luxury, therefore it probably came from District 1. I would be fighting against District 1. The door opened and my Father, Mother and two brothers Li and Finn. Both their faces were pale. Li stepped forward and opened his palm. In his palm were two pins. One was a bird that had caught an arrow in it's mouth and was in the middle of flight. The other was of the same bird with the arrow still in it's mouth but it looked like it was flying with both wings outstretched.  I realised where I had seen these birds before. On these pins were Mockingjays. I couldn't really remember what they were about but I knew the Capitol made them and when they failed they tried to kill them off. But that didn't work because they mated with some other bird. I'm not from District 11 where the most of them are so I wouldn't know what the story is about. I took the first pin and told him to go to the other room and give it to Katniss. Speaking of Katniss how was she doing?

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