Let me love you

A tale of one direction and the heart ache of a girl who lost everything, well thats what she thought


2. Your freaking Niall Horan

Nina's POV

Every night after my mum told me she was terminal, I went out. Got smashed if thats what you want to say. I'm an under age clubber and nobody knows it. Tonight was the night I'm going out to get laid, I don't care who with as long as its good. I needed to take my mind off all the crap going on around me so this seems like the absolute perfect idea. As I slipped into my red boob cut dress, and checked myself out in the mirror trying to remember if it was this short when I got it mum called out to me. She was on the couch, she was pretty weak tonight and needed some help to sit up. "you look nice" she said, looking at my short as dress. "Thanks, you said it was ok to go out tonight didn't you?" I asked she nodded and smiled "thats fine, just text me and tell me if you'll be home?" "ok sure I can do that!" I grabbed my black stilettos and clutch and waved good bye to mum for the 5th time this week.

At the club it was hot and a little smoky. It was a little hard to see when a cute blond haired boy came up to me talking and bought me a drink. He's a good dresser i thought to myself. "whats your name?" he asked "Nina" I replied with a smile but before I could ask him the same question he asked another, "how old are you" I went red at that question but lucky he couldn't see from the terrible lighting in the club, I took a little to long to answer that question and so he asked again. I pulled his ear close to my mouth and whispered "you can't tell" he nodded and was waiting eager for my reply "16, I'm 16" I said he pulled away and smiled at me "you look mighty fine for a girl of that age" he said with a wink. "Can I get you another" he asked pointing at my empty glass, "umm yeah sure" I replied. 

Drink after drink then question after question. I must admit I'm feeling pretty tipsy at the moment. We looked into each others eyes for what felt like seconds, but I'm drunk so it was probably the slowest thing when he pulled me in for a passionate kiss, it felt amazing to feel his tongue move around in my mouth. I knew I wanted all of him right now, every inch. But I had to wait. I pulled away from the kiss whispering "I need you right now" he smiled at my drunken remark and took my hand and led me outside to a big black car. "wait" I said, "mum told me not to get into the car with a stranger, so whats your name?" I asked him "I thought a sixteen year old girl would know who I am" he replied seeing the confused look on my face made him laugh and then say "my name's Niall Horan" at that moment I dropped, like no joke I flipped out and fainted. He must have caught me or something cause next thing I woke up and I was in his car.

"Your Niall freaking Horan, I'm in Niall Horan's car" I thought out loud not realising until he let out another laugh, like my confusion was funny. "Want to go back to my place?" he asked, I pretended to faint again on the back seat while he dramatically pretended to catch me, we both laugh before I nodded saying "yes please".

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