Let me love you

A tale of one direction and the heart ache of a girl who lost everything, well thats what she thought


3. Niall's apartment

Niall's POV

I held the door open for a very slutty/drunken Nina. I wanted her so bad, but not like this. I led her into my room and she jumped on the bed laughing and saying really queer stuff. I sat down at the end of my bed and took my shoes off and threw them over by my door. "want some help?" Nina asked grabbing onto my shirt and starting to undo the buttons. "Nahhh, sorry Nina, I don't want you to do anything you'll regret in the morning." I replied "awww Niall, you little sweetie" she said sleepily curling up on my bed. 

Soon after she was asleep, I lifted her up and took the blanket out from underneath her and placing it on her laying her down gently again. I then proceeded with taking off my socks and top and pants, replacing them with sweats. I hopped under the blanket next to her and wrapped my arm around her from behind, she moved around and talked a little before resting her head against my naked chest and cuddling me tightly.


Nina's POV

I woke up with the sun shinning on my face and having no idea of where I was, I stretched out my arms when all of a sudden I hit something. I quickly turned around and then my memories from last night flooded back, a beautiful blonde boy lying peacefully next to me. Niall squinted a little, his eyes still closed "Morning Nin's" he said, I kissed his cheek before jumping out of bed "Where you going?" he asked sitting up in the bed, still a little dazed. "isn't this just a one night thing?" I asked a bit confused "hahaha, I'm not really like that and besides we didn't even do anything last night" he replied looking a little disappointed as he said his last words. "ohh, well heres my number" I said, scrummaging around in my clutch for paper and pen.

"why are you going though?" Niall asked me "long story, but I got to go" I handed him the paper with my number and felt a little guilty for walking out on him like that. But my mum really needs me. "wait!" Niall yelled out on the street, I turned around with the biggest grin on my face "yeah?" "here's my number, call me whenever!?" Niall asked smiling eagerly. "ok but now I really have to go" He pulled me in and kissed me, his touch sent shivers down my spine and as he pulled away i bit his lip a little, not to hard! "wow" I said under my breath but loud enough for him to hear. he smiled and kissed my forehead before saying "good bye Nin's!"

Its a little weird to say but I think I really am falling for this boy and I don't even know him. I really didn't want to leave. 

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