Let me love you

A tale of one direction and the heart ache of a girl who lost everything, well thats what she thought


4. Hospital

Nina's POV 

"Mum I'm home, sorry I never called to let you know I was ok" I shouted from the front door as I walked in the house. It was eleven in the morning and I couldn't find mum anywhere, as I walked to the kitchen i noticed a note on the fridge, "hmmm thats weird, mum never leaves notes attached to the fridge" I thought out loud "mum!" I said once again before reading the note. I had just managed to read my name before the phone rang. "Hi, this is Nina" as I listened to the voice on the other end of the phone I had this sick feeling in my gut, I wanted to cry so much but there was a lump in my throat that kept me from doing what i wanted. 

I am now waiting in the waiting room at the hospital to see my mum. I don't know if she is ok or what is going on. Nobody is telling me anything and I really need someone to be here for me and tell me everything is going to be ok, even though I know mum wants nothing more right now then to leave and be with dad. She's only stayed this long for me. I've been waiting 3 hours and not a word has been said to me since the phone call. I don't want to wait alone anymore, so I call him - I mean Niall, I call Niall.

On the second ring he answers, "Hey Nin's!" He said very chirpy, I didn't mean to but finally the lump was gone and I broke down and cried so hard, Niall must of thought I am so weird, but I managed to choke this out, "I need you." "Woah Nina where are you!?" "My mums sick thats why I left this morning, thats why I need you, can you just come to the hospital please? I know we only just met but your the only person i trust, please Niall" "Nin's its ok I'm coming now! give m 5 minutes tops." I hung up from Niall and breathed slowly trying to calm myself down. He was sure right when he told me 5 minutes. He ran through the door and picked me up into a big hug, thats when the water works started again. "Hey, don't cry I'm here" he whispered "Niall were you busy?" "Nah I was just at the studio finishing up a few things with the lads" "Niall!" "hah what Nin's?" "nothing" I whispered as a doctor walked in and Niall put me down.

"Nina. Maybe you should sit down for this." the doctor said, I looked at Niall for reassurance and he nodded and slowly sat down too without a word. "Your mother, she ahh. She's been so stro-" I cut him off "She didn't make it did she!!?" I shouted at him "Nina I'm so sorry sweetheart!" "No I want to tell her I love her, and that I hate her for giving up like this, I hate her for leaving me, I have nothing now. I'm nobody without her." I whispered the last part as I walked out of the doors to the parking lot.

Niall ran after me and tried to stop me but I shut him down. "Nin's its gonna be ok! Just talk to me. Don't go, I want to be here for you!" "Thanks - but no thanks, I don't need you now, just don't call me." I felt so bad for saying that to the only thing I love in this life now, I hardly know him and I let him in to much.

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