Let me love you

A tale of one direction and the heart ache of a girl who lost everything, well thats what she thought


6. Doctors

Nina's POV

I'm still so lost, I don't know who I am now or who I'm meant to be. Niall should've said he loved me, because now it feels like I have to say it back. It's not that I don't feel that way but, I'm not sure if I feel that way because he said it or because I actually do feel that for him. Gosh why is this so hard. Last night was my first night in this unknown house - Niall's house and I guess my new home.

"Niall, I'm going to the doctors I'll see you later, alright." I shouted to the other end of his massive house. "Umm ok, are you ok?" Niall asked "yeah, I ah just don't feel myself today is all." I said behind me as I closed the door.

*****doctors office*****

"Hi Nina, what seems to be the problem?" The shrink asked trying to act as if he cared just a little bit, truth is I didn't want him to care I just wanted him to tell me there is something wrong with me, so he can give me pills to take the pain I've been feeling away. I didn't tell Niall about this because I know what he's like, he's making me live with him for crying out loud and thats bad enough. "Nina?" The doctor looked at me as if I was a veggie. "Oh yeah sorry doc, I just don't feel right I think I'm dying or something. Do they prescribe some drugs for that." Ok so I wasn't so sneaky with that, but I still got my question across he'll think I'm a total nutter. "Nina, unfortunately it doesn't work like that, how about we do some tests and then see what we can do for you." The doctor took some blood and did some scans and stuff, I knew there was nothing wrong with me physically so those things would do him no good. I let him waste his time anyway and then as I was leaving he told me the tests will take one to two weeks to come in. Great, fantastic, I'm gonna go get myself some real drugs before then anyway.

*****Niall's house*****

Nina's POV

"Hi, I didn't think you'd be back till later." I said to Niall while looking him up and down "thought I'd come back to make sure everything went ok." Niall told me "you really didn't have to, everything is fine."

Niall's POV 

I knew she was hiding something, nothing was wrong with her. I don't like it when she's like this, it's like she doesn't care about anything at least not when she's with me. It hurts to see her this way but i want her to be with me so I'm going to be there when she's ready.

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