These Weak Seams

Emily was new to London. During her first week, she met two boys, both grown to love her, one more openly than the other. Emily has a difficult decision to make. She likes both of the boys, but doesn't want to hurt them, all while she tries to keep their band with her brother and two other boys together. Will she manage or will her seams finally break?

(sorry if I'm publishing slow... I'm writing more chapters as we speak!(: )


2. Books

I sat quietly behind the counter in a small, deserted bookstore. 'Down the Spine,' it was called, and as cheesy as it was, Down the Spine was kinda my home now. Figuratively, of course. I stared down in my lap at a complex physics book, chewing thoughtfully at the eraser tip of my pencil. I was fresh in college life, getting a job at this small bookstore which rarely had customers, if any at all. I used the hours alone I usually had to catch up on my ever-growing schoolwork. I shifted my attention to the opposite page in my textbook and let out a sigh, closing the book and sliding it back into my neon orange backpack. "I give up!" I groaned, propping my chin up on my hand and glancing out the glass door, letting my long straight brown hair drape over my face. Physics. Why did it have to destroy my GPA? I pondered how much my grade would suffer when, to my surprise, i heard a car door shut. My head snapped up as young man about one or two years older than myself climbed out of a shiny black car. He was sporting dark blue skinny jeans and a soft white v-neck shirt, topped with a black blazer and bright white Converse hugging his feet. The boy's curly hair bounced gently by his ears as he entered the store and approached the counter. He was someone I have never seen before. Did he just move here? Was he going to University this semester? I quickly sat up, fixed my hair and looked longingly up at the tall boy, forming an immediate attraction to the older boy's perfect features. He was about 5'10", exactly 7 inches taller than myself. Go ahead, call me short. "C-Can I help you?" I stammered, staring up into his shiny green orbs. 

"Uh yeah.." He replied. I've heard this voice before... But where? "I'm Harry," he continued. "Styles. I called in a few days ago setting an order for a few books." Oh. That's where. "I'm starting a semester at University. Well me and my best mate Louis." 

As if this whole thing was a stage performance, another boy, looking a few years older than Harry, walked in. He had a bit of a different look to him. He wore pale baby blue jeans rolled up to his ankles, white TOMs and a white and blue stripped t-shirt. He stepped beside Harry, and raked his long fingers through his feathery hair. This must be Louis, I thought. "Hello," he greeted. I could recognize that accent anywhere. He was from Doncaster. My small apartment was located there, not too far from where the bookstore was. I wasn't quite sure about Harry's yet. 

"Hello," I said, my half American-half English accent sounding lame and dinky after hearing their pure English ones. I moved here to London when I turned 18 a few months ago to study music, and I love it here. I'll probably never leave this country. "Let me look you up, Harry."

Harry grinned, revealing a perfect smile and even a dimple. I just about melted, trying to force my shaky fingers to type his last name into the computer. I could feel  his green eyes staring at me as I clicked around on he computer. Oh why did this boy --Harry, as I knew him by now-- have such a strong impact on me? Sure, he was attractive, but I've met plenty of attractive guys before. Were my instincts trying to tell me something? I shook my head at the silly question. 

"Is something wrong?" Harry asked, his voice interrupting my thoughts. I looked up at him. His head was cocked slightly to the side and he was gnawing on his bottom lip. He must have noticed my uncertain head shake. 

"Uh...I-I...Yeah...I-I mean... N-No...ugh... Sorry..." I stuttered, trying to get my words together. I casually tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and smiled, acting as if I knew what I was doing. But I really didn't. Harry's sheer presence was doing things to me that I couldn't even begin to explain. To put it simply, it was like a massive wave taking over me. 

Harry and Louis both chuckled. "It's fine... Uhh..." Harry said, pausing and searching my shirt for what seems to be a name tag. Crap. The day I chose against wearing the stupid thing would be the day the curly haired boy took over my feels. Now I had to tell him my name. I looked up at his striking green eyes once more. Crap. What was my name? I opened my mouth to speak, but then cut off by a holler from the front door. 

"Emily!" I glanced over to the door and sighed. A huge relief fell over me as my brother, Zayn, rushed into the door and pushed me out of the way to get into the drawer behind the counter. I sometimes regret coming to England. The one condition my parents gave me to be able to go: live with your older brother.  And now here we are. 

"Zayn what are you-" I asked, soon finding myself tripping backwards over my backpack and falling right on my bum on the ground, immediately blushing a bright red colour with a traumatized look on my face. 

"Emily!" I look up and Harry was by my side within seconds, kneeling on the ground. "Are you okay?"

I groaned, ignoring Harry's question. "Zayn, what was that all about?!" I yelled, looking over at him, my anger taking over my other feelings at the moment. 

"It's really important!" He exclaimed, rummaging through the rubbish in the drawer. "About my singing! I-I have a chance!" He grabbed a slip of paper and rushed out of the store. "I'll explain at supper little sis!" 

He was right. His singing was massively important. If there was anything Zayn was good at, it was singing. He's been trying to get noticed for over two years here in London, not getting much luck. 

Louis leaned over the counter and looked down at Harry and I. "You alright down there?" He asked, repeating Harry's earlier question. 

I nodded and, with help from Harry, stood up and brushed myself off. 

"He takes his singing seriously?" Harry asked, smiling slightly and leaning one hand on the counter. 

I nodded, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah... Why? Are you some super singer or something?" I asked him jokingly. 

"Maybe," Louis chuckled, a smirk plastered on his face. 

I blinked and turned my attention over at Harry. "You sing?"

He nodded, a smug look on his face. "We both do." Are you serious? Could this boy be anymore perfect?

"Oh," I answered. Great job Emily I'm sure you just won a most-lame-reply award. "Can I hear you guys sing?" 

Harry nodded excitedly, but Louis grabbed his shoulder. "We're already late to go get our dorm at University," he said, stopping Harry. Dorms?

Harry nodded sadly. "I guess you're right. Uh Emily," he said, taking a sharpie off the counter and taking my hand. He quickly scribbled something into my palm and closed my fingers around it. "We'll catch you later." He smiled, setting the sharpie down. Then he and Louis turned and left the bookstore. 

I stood frozen, watching them climb into the car and drive away. I opened my hand revealing a phone number followed by a 'text me x' written in red ink. I squealed and jumped around, immediately pulling my phone out and saving his number to my contacts. "Harry with a cute heart," I whispered, as I typed. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and sat on the chair, thinking how lucky I was to have even met that boy. Then I remembered the dorms at University. Nobody told me about those. I pulled up the website for the school and clicked around for a few minutes, coming across how much extra money it would be to get a dorm. "Ehh," I grimaced at the somewhat high number. I tried to laugh it off. No big deal. It was worth getting to see Harry more often. 

 I packed my things up, and grabbed my keys off the counter by two small stacks of books, thinking nothing of them. Just as I climbed into my car I realized why those two stacks were still there. I had forgotten to give them to those two lads.
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