As Long As He Loves Me


It is about a girl who is 19, Amie, and studing to be an interior designer at uni. She goes to a Justin Bieber signing and he falls for her. He wants her she wants him. Its a Fairytale.


1. Meet Up

I could feel the tear welling in my eye. I couldn't hold back and I felt it slowly roll down my red hot check. There he was. JUSTIN BIEBER! I was the 7th person in line to get my CD cover signed. I had waited for this moment for 1 year 110 days 19 hours 12 minutes and 48 seconds!! Ok yes I may be a tad overboard but I'm now 5th! I felt like one person took 3 days! 4th........... 3rd................................................2nd.........................................................I'M NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey" his voice was heaven to my ears as he was signing my cover

"H-h-h-I--I" I stuttered

He looked up and I swore I had something in my teeth because his faced dropped.

“..Heeeeeeeeey...” his voice trailed off as he quickly scribbled on my cover.  He handed me it back and I look down at it…
OMGOSH! He wrote down where he was staying, Room 169, at the Langham, Auckland, followed by three sets of ‘xo’.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I laughed cried and smiled all at once.  I also noticed that Pattie and Scooter had exchanged glances, weird ones but I just shrugged it off.

 As I was leaving I heard a familiar voice behind me yelling,

“Hey, stop, hey, hey, you, girl in the blue chucks, STOP!!”

I looked at my feet.  Oh my I had on blue chucks.  I was pretty sure it was me but I turned around anyway.  She stopped running and it was then I realized who she was.  It was Pattie.  I pointed at myself and she nodded gesturing me to follow her.  So I did, why wouldn’t I?!  When Justin comes calling girls start falling. Duh.
I caught up with her and she led me behind the signing.  I let out a little scream.  She spun around “What’s the matter?” she asked seeming a tad concerned.  Remembering back to Shake it up I blurted out “I thought I saw a spider,” and hit my foot on the ground “gone” I said.  She laughed.  I half smiled back at her. 

We spent a good 10minutes just relaxing sitting on the couch talking, getting to know each other.  Well more like her getting to know me and trying to relax we couldn’t really with all the screaming Beliebers out there.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Then the noise stopped and Justin yelled “I will be back in 10 minutes”.  I extremely quickly looked around and noticed that he would be coming back here.  The door opened…

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