As Long As He Loves Me


It is about a girl who is 19, Amie, and studing to be an interior designer at uni. She goes to a Justin Bieber signing and he falls for her. He wants her she wants him. Its a Fairytale.


2. I’m just a normal girl though

…my heart skipped a beat.  Scooter.  I turned my head and let a tear roll down my check, it wasn’t him.  I sat there upset and it was strange I felt lonely.  Tired.  I wanted to go home, curl up in bed and cry.  Then the seat moved beside me and I heard someone say “hey, you okay?”  Wait a minute… no… it can’t be?!  I turned around wiping the tears away. YES!  It was him.  Justin looked concerned.  “Yeah, I’m fine thanks” I said as calm as I possibly could.  “Good because I was wondering if after the show you would like to have dinner with me?”

“Yes please I would thoroughly enjoy that” I replied.  As soon as I said that I face palmed.  “Why did you do that?’ He asked.  My answer “NEVER EVER have I spoken like that. EVER!”
He let out a small laugh.  My hands moved by themselves as I gave him a friendly ‘stop it’ punch. 
“Hey, I don’t actually know your name”
“It’s Amie” I replied.
“Wow, I LOVE that name”
“Thanks… I guess,” I wasn’t too sure what to say back but I did have a question for Justin “Hey, Justin can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah sure you can”
“Do you promise to answer it truthfully?”
“Of course I will”
“Ok then, why me?  I’m just a normal girl though?!”
He looked me in the eyes
“Amie, you are not normal, a normal girl isn’t as pretty as you.  Their eyes aren’t as gorgeous as yours.  And a normal girl can’t make me fall for her like you did”

Did I just hear what I think I did?  He said he falled for me?  For real?  I turned to Pattie and asked her to pinch me to wake me up.  She giggled and told me I wasn’t dreaming and that he really did like me.  A lot.

“Aw Justin” I blushed.

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