As Long As He Loves Me

IM STILL WRITING!! WITH SCHOOL IM SOO BUSY SO BARE WITH ME PLEASE! <3 It is about a girl who is 19, Amie, and studing to be an interior designer at uni. She goes to a Justin Bieber signing and he falls for her. He wants her she wants him. Its a Fairytale.


3. Dinner

Sitting at a buffet at 11pm was a different experience to any other I have had.  Justin hired out the place.  Him and I in a private room and the rest of the crew in the main dining area.
I couldn’t stop smiling, which apparently was attractive.  Hehe.  He was looking me in the eyes so intensely I though he was trying to see my brain!
“Amie, you are so freakn’ beautiful tonight,” I couldn’t stop looking him the eyes and thought to myself DITTO “I know we haven’t know  each other long, or I haven’t know you for long, all the spare time I have In New Zealand, I want to spend with you, in Australia I want you to be there, everywhere I go I want you to be there”
“Aw Justin,” I said looking down blushing more than ever “I would love to come with you everywhere but I don’t think that your Mum would want me there as a distraction and also I don’t have any money at the moment, I spent it all on university” I said with a tear forming in the corner of my eye.

“Amie, I don’t care if Mom would let you there, I will also pay for you,” I planned it through me + Justin = me happy and him happy.
I must have zoned out because next thing I know Pattie was telling me she wants me on tour with them.

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