I'm Yours

Jordan Taylor was just a typical 18-year-old girl who had recently moved to London from America. But she was different from in a way. Unlike every other girl, America or London, she wasn't so crazy over the boyband known as One Direction. One day, she falls, hard. Why? Let's just say a certain blue-eyed, Irish blonde boy was involved...


22. Secret's Out

-1 month later-

I'm back in London, still with Niall. The fans and everyone support Jiall (Jordan+Niall) now. I love him. When "Take Me Home" came out, El and I were the first to hear it. Niall helped write "Little Things" with Ed Sheeran.

"It's for you," He said when he first sang the song to me. I loved the album. I even came to the studio to hear them record a few things. Niall's face would always light up when I walked in on him in the booth.

"You really helped. He's singing with a lot more emotion and depth. That's a first," His vocalist said to me. I fely myslef blush. They really did sound great on the album.

"Do you wanna try and sing in the booth?" The boys asked. Before I could even answer, they pushed me in and shut the door. I hesitantly put the headphones up to one of my ear.

"Okay, fine, I'll sing ONE song for you. But I warn you, it may not sound, the best." I look to the headboard sound guy. "Can you put on ummm....."I Want You Back" by Jackson 5?" He nodded which meant  he had the track. I waited for my part to come in.

"When I had you to myself, I didn't wan't you around. Your pretty face always make you stand out in a crowd......"

I got lost in the music and finished smiling. I opened my eyes and looked nervously for a response. The boys' mouths were dropped open. "What? Was I really THAT bad?" I say.

"Listen." Niall grabs my wrist and drags me to the soundboard. He presses play on the song I just recorded. "You sound amazing," Niall says, "Where did you learn to sing like that?"

"I never actually had a real lesson before. I just like to sing by myself sometimes. But I'm not that good so I've never told anyone that I sing," I say nervously.

"You're amazing. I'm sending this to Simon." Liam pulls out his phone an downloads the recording.

Well, I guess my secret's out. I can sing.


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