I'm Yours

Jordan Taylor was just a typical 18-year-old girl who had recently moved to London from America. But she was different from in a way. Unlike every other girl, America or London, she wasn't so crazy over the boyband known as One Direction. One day, she falls, hard. Why? Let's just say a certain blue-eyed, Irish blonde boy was involved...


15. Publicity

Today, El and I decided to have some girl time. We went out to shop while the boys were in the studio recording the rest of "Take Me Home". El and I walk into the mall and instantly see a One Direction-themed stand. The stand is filled with all things One Direction. The first thing I see on the stand is a magazine with the boys' picture on the cover. I pick it up and scan through it until a certain article catches my eye. A picture of Niall and I, and El and Louis are on it. The headline reads "2/5 of Our Favorite Teen Heartthrobs Stolen". The article talks about the boys talking about El and I and how we met, me in the "Everything About You" music video which was becoming pretty popular and had my face all over it. Then there's a question at the end. It says "Is Jordan Taylor really good enough for our teen popstar Niall Horan?" That's when I close the magazine and walk away. Frusturated. "What's wrong Jordan?" El asks.

"Nothing. The magazine just has a rude comment in it."

"Well I would get used to it. All those paps aer going to try and break you down. Just for a good story."

"You're right. I'm just not used to it yet. Thanks El." I lie and put on a fake smile. In my head I thought, what if the article was really true?

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