I'm Yours

Jordan Taylor was just a typical 18-year-old girl who had recently moved to London from America. But she was different from in a way. Unlike every other girl, America or London, she wasn't so crazy over the boyband known as One Direction. One day, she falls, hard. Why? Let's just say a certain blue-eyed, Irish blonde boy was involved...


17. Goodbye

I needed to end this with Niall. I wasn't doing me or him any good. I packed up my things and called my mom. She understood that I needed to leave. For Niall, I wrote him a note saying:

Dear Niall,

I'm sorry but I had to go. It wasn't right for me to be here. I was just making your life worse and I just want the best for you. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye in person. Hopefully things will be better now. And don't you even worry about me. I'm sorry. I'll always love you. Goodbye Niall.


Jordan xx

A tiny teardrop rolled down my cheek as I wrote my last words. From there, I left the note on Niall's bed, grabbed my bag, and headed out onto the streets, puffy-eyed. I just hope Niall won't come looking.....



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