I'm Yours

Jordan Taylor was just a typical 18-year-old girl who had recently moved to London from America. But she was different from in a way. Unlike every other girl, America or London, she wasn't so crazy over the boyband known as One Direction. One day, she falls, hard. Why? Let's just say a certain blue-eyed, Irish blonde boy was involved...


14. Fame

"Morning loves. How did you two sleep?" Louis says as Niall and I walk out to the kitchen tables, "How was last night's date?" I bite my lip and look up at Niall.

"Great." He pulls out a chair for me and we take our seats. I look over at El who has a smirk on her face. I quickly look away before she sees me start to blush.

"So what's the plan for today?"

"Well us boys have a photoshoot and an interview. You girls could come if you'd like."

"We would love to."

The boys get all dressed up so I thought I could dress up too. One problem. I don't have anything to wear. Eleanor could fix that. She pulls out a light blue lace bra and a high-wasted, floral, blue skirt to match. "It's so you!" She says as I walk out of the bathroom. Louis is there too.

"She's right," He says. I have light blue, hi-top, converse to match. I straighten my hair and tie a light blue bow in it and aply a bit of makeup. El hands me a clutch to match.

"You are adorable."

We walk downstairs and the five boys stop and stare at the sight of El and I. I giggle. "Shall we go?" Niall offers his arm and I take it. We pull up to a studio and walk into the photoshoot set. El and I sit on a comfy purple couch. The boys do silly poses and serious poses.

"Girls? Can we have you here?" The photographer asks. I stand up in surprise.


"The girls of One Direction. I love it!" He says. We take a few individual shots and then Niall and Louis take some with us. "Can you show us a little smooch?" I start to blush. El and Louis are right on that. I turn to Niall and press my lips onto his. "Cute."

After the photoshoot, the boys, El, and I drove to the interview with Alan Carr. The boys walked on as El and I stayed baskstage. Alan throws around some jokes and subjects and then we get to the girlfriend subject. "So who has a girlfriend here?" Alan asks. Louis raises his hand without hesitation. Of course El and Lou were a public couple. Niall and I? Not quite. Then I see Niall quietly raise his hand.

"I do." My cheeks turn red. 

"Oooo, now I heard, from a little bird, that your girlfriends were backstage? Is that true?" Niall and Louis nod. "Well let's bring 'em out! We'll be back with One Direction and the girls of One Direction!" They cut to a commercial break and a man with a headset comes to talk to El and I.

"You're needed on stage if you don't mind." El and I stand up and walk out to the stage where we take the seats that have been placed on stage for us. We greet Alan Carr and the boys.

"And we're back! One Direction and girlfriends Eleanor Calder and Jordan Taylor are here with us tonight. Say hello girls."


"Oh, Jordan is an American girl."

"Yeah. I just moved here in May."

"So how did you all meet? We know Eleanor and Louis' story, but how about you and Niall?"

"Well, I was at my friend's soccer, I mean football, game and Niall sort of tripped me. I had to go to the hospital and the boys took me so it went from there."

"Niall! You put this lovely girl in the hospital?!?!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Mhmm, sure you didn't." We all laugh. 

We head home pretty late and Niall and I crash land on his bed with a sigh. "Today was fun."


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