I'm Yours

Jordan Taylor was just a typical 18-year-old girl who had recently moved to London from America. But she was different from in a way. Unlike every other girl, America or London, she wasn't so crazy over the boyband known as One Direction. One day, she falls, hard. Why? Let's just say a certain blue-eyed, Irish blonde boy was involved...


20. Back For You

I decided to go for a run to clear my head so I grabbed my running shoes, changed into shorts, and grabbed my earbuds and my iPhone. "I'll be back in an hour!" I yell to my sister as I walked out the door. I wasn;t going to run for the whole hour. Maybe I would stop somewhere and get a coffee or something. I ran down the block. My sister lived in a cute part of LA. I put my earbuds in and began to run down the sidewalk. One Direction came on in my music and memories with Niall found their way back in my head. I couldn't go ten minutes without thinking about him. My thoughts were interrupted when my phone started to ring. It was Sophie, my sister.


"Niall is at the house waiting for you."

Shit, Niall found me.

"Fine, I'll be there in five minutes."

What am I going to say to him?


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