This is my Life

"You aren't finished when you lose, you are finished when you quit."

19 year old Believe Mason is on her way to becoming a basketball champion with her teammates Hannah and Kieonna Chay. After the game they bump into One Direction, a famous boy band. What happens when 4 boys fall in love with the same girl? Will there be fights? Will there be romance? Read to find out!
Okay this is like one of my first thingies on here so please no hate!!! Thank you!


1. The Game

Believe's P.O.V.

There are 2 minutes left. I'm running down the court with the ball in my hand then out. I pass the ball to my teammate Hannah. She shoots it, but sadly misses it. The score is 84 to 85. They are one point ahead of us.

Good thing I got down there under the basketball and got the rebound. The score is now 86 to 85. I run back down the court. I'm center since I'm the tallest on the team. there is 15 seconds left. They through the ball in. The girl who got rushed down the floor to me. Bad idea.

She shot it. The ball was perfect. The shot was perfect. There was no doubt in my mind that it wasn't going to go in. There is now only 3 seconds left. 3, 2, 1 BUZZZZZZZ!!!! Went the clock.

The ball went inside the basketball rim. Then it bounced out. "WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Went our crazy fans. I was in shock. "What just happened?" I said quietly, but apparently somebody heard me. "YOU JUST WON THE GAME FOR US!!!" I knew then it was the voice of my best friend and teammate Kieonna Chay. Sister of Hannah Chay. Yes the one who missed the shot.

"I did?" I asked "Yes!!!" She said " you tipped the ball and that's what made it not go in!!!" " How did you not know that??!" " I don't know." I was in shock. We just won the championship. Well apparently I did.

This was it. No more teams to face. No more hair pulling, pinching, biting, kicking, shoving, and hitting/punching girls trying to get the ball or get it away form you. No more games. I smiled to the thought of that.

I was so happy. I won for my team and the school!

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