This is my Life

"You aren't finished when you lose, you are finished when you quit."

19 year old Believe Mason is on her way to becoming a basketball champion with her teammates Hannah and Kieonna Chay. After the game they bump into One Direction, a famous boy band. What happens when 4 boys fall in love with the same girl? Will there be fights? Will there be romance? Read to find out!
Okay this is like one of my first thingies on here so please no hate!!! Thank you!


9. Me and Niall?

Liam's P.O.V.
"Well don't you think that's enough kissing in one day?" I said "You, Louis and Kieonna didn't even get picked yet though." She said winking at me. I could tell she meant if she said truth or dare to me and I would say dare then she would have said I dare you to kiss Kieonna. Confusing I know. To be honest I think Kieonna is pretty but Believe is beautiful. "Nah that's okay. That's okay love I didn't really even wanna play." I said getting up and smiling at her. Niall helped her up and she hugged him then said thank you. I wish I was Niall.

Believe's P.O.V.
My phone went off in my back pocket. Shit it was my mom. I forgot to tell her I was going to be with Hannah and Kieonna today. I answered the phone. "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??!!" She yelled into the phone. "With Hannah and Kieonna mom!" I said "Okay well you need to get home because your cousin Elizabeth is coming." She said "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed into the phone with joy! I loved my cousin! I haven't seen her in a while since she lives 72 hours away from me. "Honey calm down!" She said laughing. "She will be her any minute. Okay? Love you sweetie bye." She said " okay love you to mom bye." I hung up the phone looked up and saw everybody staring at me weirdly. "What?" I said. They all just shocked their heads and went to doing what they were doing. "Believe could I talk to you....alone?" Niall asked "Sure" I said he grabbed my hand and led me to his room. "I'm sorry but I have to do this." "Do wha-." I was cut offed by Naill's lips on mine. He had one of his hands on my neck and the other hand on my waist.

Naill's P.O.V.
When I kissed her I put my hand on her neck then the other hand on her waist. She put both hands on my neck and pulled my head down more so she like sort of deepened the kiss. I pulled her closer to me. I'm glad she kissed back. She pulled away. I frowned. "Sorry I have to go." She pecked my lips and was about to go out my door when I pulled her back in. " Niall I have to go!" She said "Can I have your number?" I asked "Yea sure let me see your phone." She said and smiled. I handed her my phone and she handed me her phone. I put number in and gave her back her phone. She gave me back mine. " Bye." She said smiling.

Hannah's P.O.V.
I saw Believe and she looked at me and said "Time to go!" "Why?" I ask "My mom said my cousin is coming and I want to be there when she arrives!" She said pulling my arm. " Fine time to go Kieonna!" I said. She was already heading out the door. "Already on it dude." Kieonna said "Bye boys!!!" Me and Believe said and waved. Wow what a day.

Believe's P.O.V.
My phone went off. I looked at it and read From Niall: Will you go out with me?
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