This is my Life

"You aren't finished when you lose, you are finished when you quit."

19 year old Believe Mason is on her way to becoming a basketball champion with her teammates Hannah and Kieonna Chay. After the game they bump into One Direction, a famous boy band. What happens when 4 boys fall in love with the same girl? Will there be fights? Will there be romance? Read to find out!
Okay this is like one of my first thingies on here so please no hate!!! Thank you!


2. McDonalds and One Direction?

Hannah's P.O.V.

Since Believe won the game for us. Me and Kieonna are taking her to McDonalds! Yummy! :)

When we are pulling up we see about 20 or 30 girls standing outside of McDonalds screaming something and holding up signs. I wonder why? I see a limo in the parking lot. I wonder who is here. I wonder how we are going to get in? Oh yay there is another door on the OTHER side of McDonalds.

I told Believe and Kieonna what we are going to do but try and not get noticed. We get out of the car and run to the other side of McDonalds. We didn't get noticed, thank god! We open the door and run inside. Once we get in there I bump into somebody and almost lose my balance.

"Oh my god I'm sorry are you okay!?" A boy with a British accent said " I'm fine." I said while my hand is on my head because i hit it on the door. as i open my eyes i see Zayn Malik in front of me. I look over to see Believe and Kieonna just as shocked as me. Kieonna likes there music but none of them.

She wouldn't go out with them ever. Plus her grandma said no boyfriends till your 21! Ha sucks for her. I am the mature one so I'm aloud to have boyfriends. Oh we'll that doesn't matter right now. We are standing in front of One direction in our basketball uniforms. This is AMAZAYN!!!!! We can show of our sporty side! :)
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