This is my Life

"You aren't finished when you lose, you are finished when you quit."

19 year old Believe Mason is on her way to becoming a basketball champion with her teammates Hannah and Kieonna Chay. After the game they bump into One Direction, a famous boy band. What happens when 4 boys fall in love with the same girl? Will there be fights? Will there be romance? Read to find out!
Okay this is like one of my first thingies on here so please no hate!!! Thank you!


4. A strange call.

Hannah's P.O.V.

Haha I have Zayn's number and Believe and Kieonna don't even know! Haha. I took Believe home and when I got home I texted Zayn. "Hey hey hey!" I said 20 minutes later "Hey what are you doing tomorrow?" -Zayn. "nothing why?" I said "okay meet me and the guys at our hotel tomorrow, and bring the other 2 girls from tonite!" -Zayn "okay will do I gtg bye!" I said "bye see ya tomorrow love!" -Zayn xx :) I smiled I turned off my phone and went straight to bed.

Believe's P.O.V.
"Wow that was awesome!" I said throwing myself on to my bed. "I wonder what Zayn meant "see ya later." It probably means like maybe see ya around." I said to myself. "Well it's been a big night for you Believe Mason. You better get some rest." I said to myself. I smiled and went straight to bed.


Hannah's P.O.V.

Today me and the girls are going to one directions hotel. They don't know it yet because its a surprise! Oh crap I forgot to ask zany what hotel and room number they are staying at. "Where is the hotel and what room number are you guys staying at?" I texted Zayn.
"Hilton Perz Hotel and room 234B. See ya there!" -Zaynxx he texted me. Okay then time to go see one direction!!! Yay! :)

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