How I "Keep It Real"

This is basically my Way of expressing how i feel when someone says Keeping it real..


1. ~The Meaning It Gives Me~

       When Someone says "Keeping it real" all i can think of is Being true to yourself. Or being brave and living up to the challenge you face in life... It might have different meanings to every person, but to me thats what it means. I believe that Keeping it Real is realizing that your not in a fantasy, your not in a children's book... you are in real life scenarios, you are in the real world.. you can't just go through life living like a fantasy story... when you face a challenge you have to conquer it, you have to face it and get it behind you because if you don't.. it will haunt you in the end.. Sorry it's not long, but it doesn't have to be long to win, it has to reach out to hearts, it has to express opinion and has to have a meaning... which i believe mine does, so this is what i think or "Keeping It Real" -Victoria

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