One Chance, One Time FOREVER!

Alexa your average girl from Texas moves to England with her friends they go there for an adventure and meet 5 nice, cute guys. Do they fall for them? The guys become famous and does that change there relation ships? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!


8. The BIG shocker

Liam's POV
I wolk up and started talking to the boys "Last night me and Alexa had sex." I whisper to them. Harry replies "Did you use pertechtion?" I think and then I shake my head no. And Zayn yells "She could be pregnant you dumbass." I totally just realized that and I run to Alexa still bare in bed. I yell "Wake up beautiful last night I forgot to put on a condum and you might be pregnant! I will run to the store and by pregnancy test!" I'm a fucking retard I got one of every single kind and hurry back home. I come back and she's talking to the girls in her pj's. I come in and run into the bathroom. "Here" I say as I hand her the pregnancy test. She only did 3 and it said 2 were positive and 1 was negitive so I handed her one more and she did it and it said positive. Everyone comes in and are rubbing her back. Louis said "maybe Alexa you could get and abortion." Her lips start to tremble as she thinks of that then she yells "No! It's mine and Liam's child we will talk about it later but for now ill call the doctor and try to schedule an apponintme next week because that's my time of the month. So everyone calm down!"
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