One Chance, One Time FOREVER!

Alexa your average girl from Texas moves to England with her friends they go there for an adventure and meet 5 nice, cute guys. Do they fall for them? The guys become famous and does that change there relation ships? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!


3. Say your goodbyes

Lilys POV
"Good bye mom dad ill miss you both ill text everyday and call once a week." I promise my parents as I go into the car.
Haileys POV
I said bye to the orphanage people and caught a cab to the airport.
Alexa's POV
"Mom dad Michael ill miss you all." They drove me to the airport the whole car ride was crying.
Natilies POV
"Bye mum bye dad ill miss y'all."
Emily's POV
"Bye everyone" I said as I got into the car with my mom. I can't wait to leave this crapy town and my abousive dad.
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