One Chance, One Time FOREVER!

Alexa your average girl from Texas moves to England with her friends they go there for an adventure and meet 5 nice, cute guys. Do they fall for them? The guys become famous and does that change there relation ships? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!


10. Liam were skewed.

Liams POV
The doctor comes and asks me of I'm Liam James Payne. I say yes. He says "your going to be a father and in 3 in a 1/2 weeks you find out the gender. You need to stay with her this happens every day and the boyfriend leaves. And Alexa has Brest cancer. She might live for awhile we will find out in a week and we know you only have 1 kidney so this child may have some medical issues." At that point I'm sobbing and Alexa comes out sobbing to and I comfort her. That night I pray that she lives and this baby is heathy and we can have a family. This has been my dream sence FOREVER! I'm only 19 but I know this can work out.

Harry's POV
We found out that Alexa is pregnant and I have fellings for her and I can't face the truth that I wish that baby was mine. It's never going to happen I snap back into reality when Alexa falls on the ground and her bone in her arm is popped out and Liam carrys into a room were they wait for a ambulance to come and take her to the ER.
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