One Chance, One Time FOREVER!

Alexa your average girl from Texas moves to England with her friends they go there for an adventure and meet 5 nice, cute guys. Do they fall for them? The guys become famous and does that change there relation ships? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!


2. Leaving Texas

Alexa's POV
I'm soo thrilled to leave Texas and move to England with Emily, Hailey, Naitile and Lily! It's going to be a blast! We're just like going to have a girls night out but forever or untill we move somewhere else. My mom yells " Alexa open this damn door" and bangs on my door. "Okay I am." I reply. She comes on with all my stuff from the bathroom. "Here's your toothbrush, hair brush, straitaner, curling iron, tampons, shampoo, conditionor and condums" "mom!" My brother Michael over heard our conversation and came in. I yell at him "MICHAEL GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!" He replies " it's not yours for long! MWAHAHAHA!" I think to myshelf one more day, one more day!
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