Best Friends :)

cute Harry Styles fan-fic :D xxxxx


2. Pub for a pint

"So what are you doing here Styles?" you ask, tuyou hands into the back pockets of your jeans, looking up at him. "We got a couple of days offso i figured I'd come spend it you since I have'nt been such a great friend lately" He shrugs "You know that wasn't my intentions right, we've just been so busy recording and stuff" . "Aww silly!!" you smile as you tuck your arm though his, It's all good, I understand you know that, your doing what you always wanted to do and I support that no matter what".

"I figured you'd say that" he smiles right back at you, "Soo.. Pub for a pint it is then" , "Sure sounds good Styles!" you nod and together you walk to his Range Rover thats parked outside you job.  

Helping you inside like the gentleman he is, he closes your door before around to the other side and climbing in. "So whats up? what have you been up to?" he asks as he starts the Rover up and pulls away from the curb. "Seriously not much, just working you know" you reply looking at him.

"And hows Keiran, I havn't heard from him for ages either? I'm amazed you guys are still together from school" He says as he drives along watching the traffic. You feel a lump form in your throat at the mention of Keiran's name, but you swallow it back as you turn away from him before saying quietly, "Harry.. we uh.. broke up like a month ago.. " .

"WHAT?!" he answers, turning to look at you with a questioning look in his eyes, You feel tears beggining to form as you look at him, and as if in response to your tear-filled gaze he suddenly pulls over and parks his Rover beside the curb. "Come here.." he says pulling you into his arms, hugging you tight. You relax for a couple of seconds in his arms, letting the tears fall from your eyes before pulling away from him and wiping them away with your sleeve.

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