Best Friends :)

cute Harry Styles fan-fic :D xxxxx


3. Keiran

"What happened?" he asks softly as he takes your hands in his. "He was offered a job in New Zealand" you shrug casually, "and he wanted me to go with him, but i didn't want to and well we both agreed that we didn't want to do the long distant relationship thing" .

"So it was mutual yeah?" he asks and you nod with another shrug, "Of course, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, three years is a long time" , "Yeah, I know but you should have told me, I would have been there for you!" He replied gently, "Why didn't you tell me?" .

"Hello!! you famous and busy now!" you force a smile "I didn't want to put this on you while you were on tour, I know what you're like, I didnt want you to worry" . "That is the lamest excuse I have every heard!" He protests as you supress a laugh, "You are my oldest and dearest friendin the world, You know I'd do anything for you" , "Anything? huh sounds promising" you tease trying to lighten the mood, but he doesn't fall for it, "Quit messing around! Im being serious!"

"Look, I know you are, I know you care and that mean's so much to me" you say with a smile as you look into his eyes, "But I honestly didn't want to worry you Harry, see! Im calling you Harry! I never call you Harry" , " Yeah, yeah, but still" he grumbles as he starts his vehicle again and pulls away from the curb and into traffic.

"Anyway, thats enough about me, what about you and all these girls you've apparently been hooking up with?" you ask looking at him. "Since when do you be what the stories say" he answers casually with a side-ways glance at you. "You know I don't wait till I hear it from you horsey mouth" You reply watching a smile spread over his face as he shrugs again, while taking a sip of water from a bottle beside him.

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