Best Friends :)

cute Harry Styles fan-fic :D xxxxx


1. Months..

Its been months since you've last seen your best friend Harry Styles. Now that he was a member of the biggest boy-band in the world, you both found it hard to keep in contact with each other and what was once a close friendship had been reduced to the odd text or tweet every couple of days.Yes, you did miss hanging out with him, laughing and joking about stuff, but you also knew that he was doing what he'd always dreamed of doing & you had always supported that no matter what.

You  were just finishing up at work, locking up the shop when you heard a familiar voice behind you say, "Still a workaholic huh" You spin round to see Harry standing there, that oh so familiar cheeky dimpled grin on his face, his eyes full of mischief and his trademark curls hidden from view beneath a grey wool beanie.

"Styles!!" You laugh, running to him throwing your arms around his shoulders as you both hug each other tight "God it's good to see you" he says as he releases you from his arms before taking your hands in his and looking at you with a smile, "and you're still bloody gorgeous you heart breaker you" he teases.

"Oh, thats original coming from someone who breaks hearts every day" you tease right back with a smile as you cup his face with your hand, "You look good too, kinda scruffy but I can work with that"

"Haha very funny" he laughs out loud as he jerks his face away from your hand making you smile.

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