Being in the Band's Odd Like That

Marching band is Kadence's life. The only downfall? Rocky Billings. But when Kadence breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, she finds herself oddly attracted (?!) to Rocky. Why? Well, because being in the band's odd like that.


5. 5

Sorry for the very very late update... I love my readers like no other. <3



I pushed the door open, entering the house. “Michel,” I called, “We got done earlier than I thought we would so I decided to come over. The door was unlocked--” I stopped. What the fuck was that? Holding on to the handrail, I quietly made my way upstairs. I paused right outside out Michel’s door, listening in.

“...Oh Michel, God yes.” I frowned. Wasn’t this girl a bit to friendly sounding? “Oh Michel!”

My jaw dropped. No, I had to be imagining it. My hands became sweaty as I put one of them on the doorknob. Now I could hear something that sounding like a bed thumping and a lot of heavy breathing. My heart began racing...

I pushed open the door and stood fixed. There stood my boyfriend of six mouths was on the bed, his dick shoved up some chic.

I couldn’t speak. Closing my eyes, I stumbled to close the door. When I did, however, I heard someone call to me:


I was in no mood to listen. Turning quickly, I fell down the stairs in a blur and tripped outside on to the street. It was pouring down the rain, as I thought it was going to. Balling my fists I looked up towards the clouds and shouted, “What have I ever done to you?!”

The rain thickened, which I wasn’t sure to take as a sign from God to shut up or not. “All I’ve ever wanted was a boyfriend who wouldn’t cheat on me! One that respected me! You just had to take that all away, didn’t you?! I never get to keep what I want!”

“For starters, you never even had what you wanted.”

I turned. There, on the front steps leading to his own house, sat Rocky, staring at me. “You!” Making a beeline to him, I began rattling the first thoughts that came to me: “Bastard! I hate you! You stupid, shit-faced fucking bastard--”

“Wow, now I understand what they mean when they say woman who cuss are so unattractive.” I stopped. Going under the porch roof, I crossed my arms and leaned against the house. All the while, Rocky still sat there, staring me up and down. “Uh, Kad?”

“What?” I snapped.

“You okay?”

“What do you think?”

“Sorry for askin’, he mumbled, standing. Opening the door, he said, “Your eyeliner is running, is all. Didn’t know if it was caused by the rain or somethin’ else. You ran outta Michel’s pretty fast.” With that, he went inside.

I stood there for a moment then, noticing no cars in the driveway, ran inside to follow him. I found him chilling on a couch. As I was shaking, I put my hands on my hips. “What was that suppose to mean?” More important: what the hell was I doing in Rocky’s house? We’re suppose to hate each other!

Sighing, he turned the t.v. off. “You ran out of his house. That’s exactly what it meant.” He turned the t.v. back on, to which I stood in front of the screen. “Uh, move. Leave, maybe?”

“You’re insufferable!”

“This is my house!”

“I have nowhere else safe to go, unless you plan on rapping me or something.” I huffed. “Can I atleast use your phone?” Digging in to his pocket, he threw a cell phone at me. I called my house, only to find the line empty. I handed him his phone back.

“Move now?”

“You really have no sympathy,” I spat, falling down beside him.

“Should I?” I said nothing as tears began to form in my eyes. Switching the t.v. {again}off, he slowly turned to me. “Kad...What happened?” I wiped my eyes.

“I’m fine...”

“Obviously you’re not--”

“Am I pretty?” I demanded. “Am I smart, am I nice, am I likeable?”


“Then why would he do this?!” I put my face in my hands and began sobbing. “I never told anyone, he had no right! God...” And then I couldn’t speak. I let my tears go. I didn’t care that I was around Rocky, I didn’t care that he was watching. I couldn’t stop it from happening.

“K-Kad. Sh--” Hesitantly, I felt him rubbing my back. “Shhh. You’re all those things, okay?”

I sniffed. “Nice, coming from someone who hates me.”

“No I don’t.” I glared at him. “Well, you hate me.”

“No I don’t.” I shook my head. “God, what are we: three?” I let out a little chuckle and it was then that I realized how soaked I was.

“Cold?” Rocky asked, seeing my shivers. I nodded, still crying. “I’ll get you something to change in to if you tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I don’t--!”

“’Kay, ’kay.” He shoot, hands in a defeated position. “Can’t blame a dude for trying.” I looked up as he exited the room. I watched him, then spoke:

“Rocky wait.” He looked back at me, expecting me to go on. “He cheated on me,” I replies softly, not meeting his face. “Michel and I don’t ever want to see him again.” I looked him straight in the eye. “Thanks for...Well, being nice.”

He gave off a small smile. “Don’t mention it.” With that, he went to find me a change of clothes.

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