Being in the Band's Odd Like That

Marching band is Kadence's life. The only downfall? Rocky Billings. But when Kadence breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, she finds herself oddly attracted (?!) to Rocky. Why? Well, because being in the band's odd like that.


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“...Yeah, they’re out for the night.” Michel said, handing me a glass of champagne. I took it, slightly confused. Earlier he’d been yelling about about my practice, but now it was as if we were a perfectly happy couple. “Cheers.” We clinked our glasses together and he drank. “What, don’t you like that?”

“Huh?” I looked down. I hadn’t even brought the champagne to my lips yet. “Oh, sorry. Just thinking.” Bringing the glass up, I took a tiny sip.

“What were you thinking about?”

I shrugged. “Rocky was bothering me again today. Took my phone.”

I could see the violence growing in his eyes. “I’ll punch his lights out.”

“No don’t,” I said, meaning it. While Michel’s about 5’9 or so and a bit on the thin side, Rocky’s about 6’3 or so. “I got the last word in so it’s all good.” He laughed, sending chills through my spine.

“That’s my baby girl.” He draped his arm over my shoulder.

“Care if I watch t.v.?” He shook his head and I picked up the remote, flipping on the t.v. I hesitated, knowing there was bound to be something on that would piss him off. Thinking a second, I turned to Fuse, believing music videos to be the safest choice. One Direction was on: Live While We're Young. “Oh I love this song!” I began singing along. I turned, smiling, to Michel who looked appalled. I froze, remembering how much he hated One Direction. Quickly, I changed the channel.

“Oh my God, Kadence, you actually like them?”

Slowly, I turned to face him. “A bit. I mean. But in reality,” I began to lie, “they aren’t my fav.”

He stared at me. “You'd probably fuck them all given the chance?”

“No. No, not at all.”

“Then it’s their music?”

“Their music is--”

He stood, yanking me up. Pain shot through my wrist as he squeezed it. “Ow, Michel, you’re hurting my arm.”

“Don’t talk about other guys around me, then.”

“Michel, stop overreacting! I’ve never even met--”

He threw me down on his bed, going over to his closet. “The point is you’re pissing me off, Kadence. I heard you were talking to that shit piece Rocky.”

I frowned. “I just told you that.”

He re-emerged from his closet, clutching a belt. “No, not like that. What were you sucking his dick too?”

He backhanded me, causing me to fall backwards. Clutching my face, I saw white spots everywhere. “I asked you a question!”



“No! I didn’t do anything with him; I hate his fucking guts!” I gasped, trying my hardest not to sob. “I hate him; I wish he’d die!” But as soon as I said it, I wondered if it was really Rocky who I was talking about. “Just don’t...”

"Lay down. Lay down!” I did as he said, worried about what he was about to do. “Turn over.” Again, I did, and covered my eyes, biting my lip. “Hey Kadence, promise me something.”


“Don’t tell anyone.” And then I felt the sting of leather against my back; not once, but twice.

Burying my face in to one of his pillows, I began crying. Why did I stay with Michel--why when I knew what happened every time we were alone. More importantly, why haven’t I told anyone yet?

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