End of the road


2. Leave me breathless

The setting has changed from before it is no longer a road but a dark room I'm in with the only entrence for light being a cubicle that I'm standing on...so I look down to see all of you..all of mankind living in their bubbles..all asleep not knowing of the real things and troubles that surround them. This cubicle is like a skylight yet it is below me. "Do you know where you are?" The same voice from before is asking me now. I forgot about what I've seen today...what I've been through as I watched all of you like a child watching little ants, I entered a trans..forgetting the events. "No." I keep my answers short so the vibrations of the voice won't send a signal of fear. Fear..fear..I feel fear! I look for my heart.. last I saw it was in my hands..now its not in my hands..please..please..please...I put my hand in chest and plead my heart to beat. "Beat! Beat! Come on Beat!" As I wait for a beat, I know they have taken it. "Where's my heart?! Where is it?!" I shout with every vessel in my body bulging out.

"If you are looking for your heart, then look no further as it is in our hands yet look into your chest to find your temporary one." The voice keeps insulting me. I almost rip my dress as I try to see what they have placed inside of me..those animals..."I see a whole! What is this?!" I ask hysterically as confusion takes me over. "There will be a key to keep you alive and capable of feeling." The voice answers with calmness. "In order to gain your true heart back you will have to go through quests if you refuse unfortunately you will be put down." The voice explains. "Put down? I will not gain my true heart back?" Never have I felt more confused as we continue our dialogue. "Yes. If you refuse you'll never regain your true heart that sees things that others can't, that is compassionate when others aren't and you will be put down with the rest of them..you will be put asleep..into a world that does not know nor care to meet the truth." The voice ends his part of the dialogue well..it leaves me to answer.

Instead of answering, I decided to ask more questions to have it explain to me..my being there and of course to buy me time. "Why me? Why do you take my heart?" I ask a question after another. Now real tears run my face..I'm tired..my feelings are indescribable. Yes I want my true heart back...and I want go home but not without compassion...I want to remain as I am now. I'm scared and I have mixed feelings. I wipe my tears in my arm. As I weep, I'm being handed a tissue...fear eats me up. "Who gave me the tissue?!" I'm shaking and my voice sends every bit of signal of fear and confusion that I feel.

"Everything can be controled. You see even air is controled with the power invested on me. I can make the oxygen turn to Carbon dioxide let me demonstrate." The voice explains.

After that the air changed, I couldn't keep it in me..it was fighting my lungs...yes the air ..the air was fighting me. It started with little things like headache and dizziness. "Why...can't..ah..ah..I..br..breathe?" Struggiling to pull my breath..even something that remains unseen yet we believe in its existence is killing me..I feel my end is near I'm lying on the cubicle things turn blurry...my ending  is this you? Nothing is seen by me, nothing at all.

As my body is regaining oxygen, I'm starting to hyperventilate as my body is fighting for survival. I'm physically aching and mentally destroyed by the confusion and frustration. I have never been more pale or cold. I struggle to get up yet my strenght is enough for me to sit up on the cubicle. Now I'm able to breath, I look up..no...I'm still in this room. I look down, I see it is raining in the real world or the world that I used to see as real.

"Now..you might want to know..." That mean voice again. Now desperation is eating me inside, If only I would have died, it would have released me. "That the tissue was handed to you by the very air that you inhale as oxygen and exhale as Carbon dioxide not that it matters right now...as you have awaken after fainting." Ends the voice.



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