End of the road


1. Flames of the heaven

"No. Is there life in a another world?" I let my guard down, my whims took me over to ask such a question,  that has an answer that sweeps me away into a stream. The sky crumbles, the trees are covered in fire, letting the flames take the place of the leaves. No woods left, no one is here.

What is this kingdom? I'm stolen by it. Their mystery intrigues me, I'm yours now...take me with you. The flames are reaching the sky. Is it seen from the heaven? I've never seen such a dark sky, if there was shade darker than black it would be the colour of that sky. I'm alone in an empty field. "Come back my spirit!" I call for it. "Don't leave me." It left my insides in the darkest hour. Shadows surround me, they fly around me obsorving like a pack of wolves waiting to attack a deer. The attack is waited anxiously by me, if it will happen at least let it happen fast.

I turn from side to side, I don't feel my heart. Is it there? "Who are you?! What do you want from me?!" I shout with fear in my tone. Tears run on my cheeks uncontrolled. Why am I crying? Maybe it is my unconscious way of knowing my end is near.

I feel the earth move under me. There it is the moment I've dreamt of, right in front of me. It rises, rises tall from the ground, a mountain of rock and a storm of dust it takes a shape of a man. What is it? A man from the earth's ingredients stands in front of me mountain high. I have never felt shivers as sharp as a knife attacking my spine yet in this moment even that was nothing to what I was witnessing.

Now I know where my heart is, it is in my hands. It's been there all along beating faster than ever. I breath loud yet it's unheard by them. Tears turn into blood, each time a tear drops hitting the surface of the ground, causing the crack beneath me to grow wider and deeper. Is it swallowing me?

The sky changes its colour from the darkest shade of black, light blue, ruby red and into a flaming emerald. The flames are turning into tiny particles that change shape. Taking a shape of a woman. The shapes aren't stable, they kept changing into unexplainable forms. What am I seeing? Am I dreaming?

The sky has chosen its colour, emerald green with northern lights appearing in it. It's snowing, now I have seen it all. Shape changing flames from the sides, a mountain high man of the earth, spirits flying over me and a crack below me. What is behind me? I wondered with fear. There it was my answer..a road covered with leaves, leaves from red, yellow, green and all the colours in between.

I ran, dripping from blood I looked back, everything is still, no one is moving. Is it because they wanted me to run here? Tears danced through my cheeks leaving them covered in blood. I left my print on the leaves, turning them bloody as I made my way.

I stopped to catch my breath and because I have reached the end of the road. I noticed..I have reached the end, the edge of the world. Is this what Alexander the great was looking for? I have found it and it is nothing special. I look to see what is in there...only to find darkness. "Nothing's here." I said with frustration yet I heard a voice coming from somewhere saying. "You are wrong. Everything is here."



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