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Hi I'm Amanda but you can call me Manda!! Im 16. I just moved from my small town to a big city with my parents and younger brother. No one seems to understand me here!! I hate my life:( I need a friend!!!

What will happen when Amanda finds 1 amazing boy that could change her life forever??


5. Recording and Fights..

Xx Sorry guys!! I wrote all of chapter 5 and 6 and it deleted when I went to post!! I am going to re-write it!! Sorry for such the long wait! Thanks to shadowiloveyou I decided to write more!! So shout out to you!! :) Back to the book:

Niall's POV:

I woke up to the most beautiful face. I didn't want to wake her so I just watched her sleep. Not in like a creep way but I just wanted to look at how peaceful she was! Her and Louis are the same, Hyper and Hilarious!! They are going to be great friends!!

I have noticed that Harry is being VERY cheeky around Amanda. I am soo scared he will take her!! He has done that to me so many times! I can't loose her. I don't think I could live if she left me! She's my princess..

My phone started ringing so I quick picked it up so it wouldn't wake up Amanda.

"Hello" I said.

"Where the hell are you!!!??" Yelled Liam.

"Sorry. We are at the cabin, I was going to call when Amanda woke up." I said trying to be quiet.

"Well we have to record for the second album. Come home soon!!" Liam said and hung up.

I put my phone down and turned to Amanda. I needed to wake her up but I wanted to do it in a peaceful way so..

I leaned in and kissed her perfect lips.

She started to kiss back and it turned into a make-out session until I pulled away.

"Morning gorgeous! We have to get up, I have to go record." I said and kissed her nose.

"Okay! Can I come with you?" She asked in her morning voice.

"Of course!!" I said and we got up.

When we finished changing we went into the car.

*Amanda's POV:

Since I only had my dress with me I just wore that, so when we got back to Niall's I would change.

When we got home I changed into my One Direction t-shirt because it's all I had and well its my favorite t-shirt. I wore black skinny jeans and a black sweater. I tried to cover up the words One Direction so the boys wouldn't know I'm a fan. 

I picked up my black TOMS and walked downstairs and saw all the boys in the living room. I couldn't help but notice Harry staring at me. Weird.

"Ello love." Louis said with a smile.

"Hi." I said fangirling inside. 

I couldn't believe I was in the same room as One Direction!! EEK!

"Ready to go?" Niall asked and stood up.

"Yup!" I said popping the p.

"Then let's go boys." He said and grabbed my hand.

I swear Harry was going to burn a hole threw Niall's and my intertwined hands. 

"Our hands fit together perfectly! It's like they were made for eachother." He whispered into my ear.

When we got in the car I was sitting in between Niall and Louis. Zayn, Harry and Liam were behind us and Paul was driving.

They sang 2 songs called 'Live While We're Young' and 'Kiss You'.

Then they started singing another song. They said Niall and Ed Sheeran wrote it this morning. That explains why Niall wasn't recording for like an hour.

(Zayn started:)

'Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me 

But bear this mind it was meant to be  And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me'



'I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, 

You've never loved your stomach or your thighs 

The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine'  

It was like they were reading my diary!! OMG! My diary it was in Niall's room beside my bag!! He must of read it!! NO  

(Zayn and Liam:)  

'But i'll love them endlessly I won't let this little things slip out of my mouth 

But if I do, it's you, oh it's you, they add up to

  I'm in love with you and all these little things'


 'You can't go to bed without a cup of tea

Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep

And all those conversations are the secrets that i keep 

Though it makes no sense to me' 


  'I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 

You never want to know how much you weigh 

You still have to squeeze into your jeans But'  

He read my diary!! *facepalm*

(Harry and Niall:)

'You're perfect to me'  

 'I won't let this little things slips out of my mouth

But if it's true, it's you, it's you, they add up to

I'm in love with you and all these little things'  


'You never love yourself half as much as i love you 

You'll never treat yourself right darling but i want you to 

If i let you know, i'm here for you Maybe you'll love yourself like i love you oh'  

Omg!! I'm so blushing!! KILL me now!!  


'I've just let these little things slips out of my mouth 

'Cause it's you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to 

And i'm in love with you (all these little things)'   


'I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 

but if it's true, it's you, it's you they add up to 

I'm in love with you, and all your little things.'  

"Did you like the song?" Niall asked with a smirk.  

"I loved it!!" I said smiling wide.  

"So you think I have a nice bum?" Louis asked.  

My cheeks must be as red as tomatoes!! I'm going to kill Niall.

"You didn't!!" I yelled looking to Niall.  

"Oh! But I did!!" He said with a huge smile and a laugh.  

I was soo embarrassed. My life was on those pages!! Like how I thought Louis had the best butt, Niall was gorgeous, Harry's dimples could make me melt, Liam's eyes were amazing!! and how Zayn has amazayn hair. Ugh!! Niall is dead!!  

They were all laughing at me!! I was sooo embarrassed!!! I ran out of the room and into the girls washroom. I couldn't face that!! I was in love with the people in that room!!  

I heard foot steps and whispering. What were they doing?  

I heard the door open and foot steps come to the stall I was in.  

They just stood their until..  

"AHHH!!" I yelled!!  

Whoever was out their dumped water on me!! I was soaked!  

I opened the door to see Harry standing their with a humongous but adorable smile. He was standing their with his signature cupcake look.  

"Harry!" I yelled.  

He covered my mouth and said shhh.  

"Why are we whispering?" I whispered/asked.  

"Because I don't want them to find you! Because I am going to kidnap you!! HAHA" He said with a devilish smile.  

"Harry?" I said alittle scared.  

He picked me up and ran until we came to a room. He shut the door and came over to me.  

"HAHA! I got you!" He said.  

"You aren't gonna let me out?" I asked.  

"Never!!" He said.  

"Fine!!" I said and sat down.  

We started to talk about life and stuff.   

"Can I try something?" He asked.  

"Okay?" I said alittle unsure.  

He leaned in and our lips met just as the door burst open.  

I pulled away from him and saw Niall.  

"Niall!! Its not what it looks li.." I yelled but he cut me off.  

"Oh!! So I just saw you kissing my best friend!! But its not what it looks like!! I see!!" He yelled.  

I hated being yelled at. I can't deal with it! I started to cry. "Niall please!! It was nothing!!" I yelled.  

"Please!! I'm sure!! Harry always takes away what I love!! I'm done with it!! He can have it!! We are DONE!!" He yelled. I think he right away regretted it because he started crying, "Amanda I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!!" He said crying.  

"Then why would you say it?! I'll go get my stuff and go live on the streets or something I guess!!" I yelled and ran out of the room and the building and got a cab.  

*Harry's POV:  

Harry you screwed up bad!! You broke your best friend's heart and the girl you like's heart!!  

"Niall! I am soo sorry!!" I said starting to cry.  

"No save it! She's gone!! My princess is gone!! Forever.." He was crying so much,"She's never coming back! I don't know what to do!" He dropped to his knees and cried.   

The other boys came running in.  

"What happened!!??" Yelled Liam.  

"Where's Amanda!?" Louis yelled.  

Zayn was trying to calm down Niall.   

I didn't know what to say. Then I remember when Niall told us some of the stuff in her diary!! She use to be suicidal. What if she..  

"We have to go now!! Amanda is in danger!!!" I yelled and ran to Paul.  

Xx Hey guys!! Enjoying? Lots of DRAMA!!

1. They read her diary!! AHH!!

2. Break up!!:(

3. Suicide!! Eeeks!

Tell me what you think!!  

Okay well did you hear?! Haylor is done:(! I supported it!! I thought it was cute:(  

Anyone hear about the Justin Bieber smoking!! Eeek!! And the #cutforbieber or #cut4bieber!! I felt sick! It's so sad!! It's not the answer! He needs to clean up his mess!!   

Anyway!! Hope you like tell me what you think!! thanks -Manda:)


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