At the right place at the right time

Hi I'm Amanda but you can call me Manda!! Im 16. I just moved from my small town to a big city with my parents and younger brother. No one seems to understand me here!! I hate my life:( I need a friend!!!

What will happen when Amanda finds 1 amazing boy that could change her life forever??


6. Mistakes and Regrets

Xx Hey sorry to interupt but, I decided to do different POV! Not too many and not for everyone that can get confusing but maybe 3 different ones for every chapter. ENJOY!!

*Louis' POV:

Harry has really messed up! What if we can't get to Amanda on time! What if we are too late!! Niall will be broken and you won't beable to fiv him!!

Niall was crying and won't talk to anyone. Zayn is trying to calm him down but I don't think it is helping.

Liam is sitting beside me and is being daddy directioner and is trying to help but he's not!! I'm just sitting and I'm deep in thought. No one will talk to Harry and he won't talk to anyone. He's just sitting there alone, he looks so sad and mad at himself. I'm his best friend and all but he has really made a mess!!

We arrived at the house and before we could stop Niall was gone..

I ran after him and Liam was telling us to slow down and to stop! Zayn was running behind me but I didn't see Harry.

*Niall's POV:

I ran into the house faster than you could say stop. I ran upstairs and to the bathroom.


When I stepped into the bathroom my heart stopped beating and fell to the cold bathroom floor and broke into millions of peices.

Life is like snow.. Cold and white but also full of memories and brings happiness. It is sometimes terrible but sometimes memorable.


There lay my princess.. 

Hair falling over her face. Eyes, closed. Lips, pink. Skin, pale. Face, lifless.

Her left arm was full of cuts and blood. Beside lay a note..


I left this note to say I'm sorry!! I truly am.

I love you all so much!


My bestfriend. Thank you! Please take care of Niall!! Help him meet his princess!


You have let me laugh and be happy! Please make sure that you tell Niall and Harry this isn't there fault that I chose this!! It was my mistakes and I regret it all!!!


I told you about my crush on Niall. I leave my trust with you!! Please make sure you tell my mother I love her. I never meant for this to happen but it has. Tell my father that I do love him but I couldn't deal with the hitting and yelling. Now please tell my dear little brother that I didn't hate him and I want him to stay happy and to keep mom and dad happy!! Tell him to never hurt a girl or make mistakes like I have. Thank you..


I never meant for this to happen to us! Please forgive me and don't let me break up the band!! Please make sure that you and Niall stay best friends! Do this for me. I am gone forever now and can't hurt anyone anymore. Please go find your girl and hold onto her. I want you to know that you did NOT  do this!! I did I made the chose and I decided to take my life. Live on without me! Please.

My dear Niall,

.. I never thought I would be writing this to you. I never thought I would even meet you! I want you to foget me and find your princess!! I want you to be happy and I want you to move on and live your dream with your 4 best friends. I don't want you to cry for me or to hurt because of me! I just thought it would be easier for me if I left.

Please remember this though:

I love you. I will still love you forever until I see you again. I want you to hold me in your heart but forget me. Don't bring up memories of us just erase them. But remember I am in your heart. Now.. I am going to give my heart to you to keep. Please keep it as a memory nothing more nothing less. So if you have to remember you have my heart.. Thank you for everything.


I turned to her body and I had to keep her alive. Her heart was beating but slowly. Like it was driting away.. Slowly fading and not planning on returning.

The boys were now by my side trying to bring her back. Harry was calling 911.

When the paremedics arrived they took her away. We drove after them.

When we got to the hospital they took her into sugery. The doctor said she may not make it. I was completely gone. She may of took her life but also the happy Niall. 

I wouldn't talk or eat or move. I just sat in her room on a chair wating for her to return. If she didn't return then I would go to her. We could live happily together far away from here..

The doctor came in with news. I turned and looked at him.

I couldn't tell if it was good or bad news.

"Mr.Horan, Amanda is.."

Xx Sorry to leave you hanging!

I cried writing this!! How could she leave Niall like that? I made this and I'm upset!! Tell me what you think:) I will update soon!! My brother is trying to steal the computer from me and my laptop,  ipod, tablet ect.. isn't working. Internet is down. Sorry..

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