At the right place at the right time

Hi I'm Amanda but you can call me Manda!! Im 16. I just moved from my small town to a big city with my parents and younger brother. No one seems to understand me here!! I hate my life:( I need a friend!!!

What will happen when Amanda finds 1 amazing boy that could change her life forever??


7. Life or Death

*Niall's POV:

The doctor told me Amanda is in a coma. She lost a lot of blood and isn't responding like they want her too.

She is on life support, and I don't think she is going to make it! I should have hope but we got to her too late!!

"Niall.." Zayn started but I cut him off.

"No. I don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to be with my princess!" I yelled walking into her room and sitting beside her.

*Amanda's POV:

I can hear and see everything going on, but I can't talk or move?

Niall is sitting beside me and is holding my hand, Zayn is in the corner with Liam and they are sitting against the wall, Louis is beside me and is just looking at me, Harry is no where to be seen. 

It's like he doesn't feel welcomed or wanted!! That's what I tried to avoid that's why I took my life! Really I caused more pain by trying to take my life then just staying. I should of never of stayed with Niall or got such strong feelings for him, because now I have feelings for Harry. If it comes down to it I'm going to have to choose and that's something I don't want to do!!

*Louis' POV:

She looks so lifeless. It's like she isn't even alive and she is just there. 

She was like my little sister and I was suppose to protect her!! We were suppose to bring her on tour and we were suppose to laugh and have fun!! Just be kids!

Now she is fading away and none of the boys want that!!

Niall would be nothing without her! She can't die or he will never be able to go on!! He is really in love now and if she leaves he will be gone, he won't be carefree or laugh at everything!! He would never be the same Niall James Horan..

She is only 16 she can't die!! Too many people love her and the world wouldn't be the same!!!


It's now 2am and I can't sleep. Liam, Zayn and Niall are passed out, but I can't fall asleep knowing my little sister is dying!!

Harry hasn't shown and I'm getting a little worried!! I mean yes he made a mistake but even Manda forgave him and isn't blaming him!!

I should call him. I went to the hall and dialed him number.

*Harry's POV:

I just laid in my room, not wanting to move.

I couldn't sleep, I lost all trust from Niall. Zayn and Liam won't talk to me and Louis I don't know he is just not talking. He is always talking and laughing but Manda was like his sister. 

Just then my phone rang. I didn't want to answer but it could be about Amanda. She either is alive or dead. 

It's Louis?

"Hello.." I said.

"Haz? Where are you?!" Lou yelled.

"Lou calm down! I'm at home, I didn't think I should be there. It would just cause more problems!!" I said upset.

"Well you should be here!! Niall isn't mad at you, just is upset about all of this! Even Manda would want you here!" He yelled.

"Calm down! Niall is never going to forgive me!! I kissed his world!!! Liam and Zayn are mad at me!! And you of all people hate me!!" I yelled getting upset.

"Hate you!? Are you crazy we all love you!! But you need to know what's right and whats wrong! And by you not being here is wrong!! So get you fat a** over here!!" Louis yelled at me. He was never mad and it was weird to hear him yell.

"Why should I!?" I yelled.

"NOW!" He yelled and hung up.

I better go so he doesn't hate me even more.


*Amanda's POV:

The boys keep crying.. 

Why? I mess everything up! Why am I even here!!? If I would of died they would of said goodbye and would forget about me but no! I had to live.. Well everything does happens for a reason..

It has been a week now since I have been in a coma. Harry is here and him and Niall made up which is good!

They had a signing or something today. Niall stayed back the boys thought it would be to hard for him. He was sitting beside me holding my hand. The boys just left.

"Amanda... I'm so sorry!! I should of listened to you! I was mad and didn't know what I was saying.. I love you.. Please.. I hope you can forgive me.. Please wake up please.." Niall said crying.

I wanted to wake up and tell him I was okay and that we can get back together, but I didn't even move..


It's now 1 month later. So 5 weeks I have been in a coma. My mom and brother actually have came to visit.

Today I heard my mom talking to the doctor.. He asked her if she wants to keep me alive or pull the plug. She wants to talk to the boys when they get back from the signing. Niall has started to go.. He is barely here anymore! It's like he got over me.. He doesn't care.

The boys will be back soon and then the decision will be made if I live.. Or.. Die.

I want to live. I have so much ahead of me! I was suppose to get married, have tons of laughs with my friends, travel the world, become a mom, even a grandparent. But now my life is in the hands of my five best friends and my mom..

I may never be able to tell Niall that I do truly love him and the other boys, that they mean so much to me!!

I will never be able to tell my mom I love her.. Yes I have told her before.. But I never truly truly showed it.. I just said it! I barely was with her.. I regret that!! Please let me live!!

The boys walked in.. Great!

My mom walked over to them and explained everything. It's only the 6 of them in the room, well not counting me.

My mom said they can choose. Liam suggested a vote.. A vote!? That will choose my life!

Louis said: She will live and that we should stay hopeful. He says NO to pulling the plug.

Not to self say thanks to Lou!

Liam said: She is suffering.. Do we really want that? It might be better if we let her go..

Zayn said: Liam right but I don't know how to say goodbye. Maybe if we keep her a little longer she might pull through!!

Note to self give Zayn a hug when and if you ever wake up!! Oh and say thanks to Liam but tell him he needs to have hope!

Harry: She deserves to live!! We can't just kill her!!! What if she was going to wake up and we pulled the plug just as she woke and she died!!! NO! She can't die! Not yet!!

Note to self.. Tell Harry that he is officially making sense!! I'm technically a ghost and I'm crying!

Niall: I agree with...


AN: OMG! I am a terrible person! I haven't updated in ages! I was grounded sorry!!! Plus my account wasn't letting me publish this!!! Tell me if you think she should live or die!! Also I feel like I should delete one of my books.. What one and why!? Thanks. I just feel like there is too much!

If she dies in this one... I think I will continue it until it has 20 to 30 chapters then just end it.. I just idk. This one is most likely one where if she lives there will be a sequel!! I am thinking of deleting The Ups and Downs.. I just don't feel it anymore... Tell me what you think!! Thanks!

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