The System

Massie Horan..... Yes lead singer of the band The System and the sister of a new boy-band ,Niall Horan,One Direction. After she only sees them on video chat she finally meets the band and they are opening for her band.And she meets Liam how she's falling for,is going fall for her or keep her guessing ?


5. The Truth Comes Out

Massie's pov
I suddenly was being held in Liam's arms i can feel his heart beating a tremdous rhythm . Soon we were drenched in my blood. Tears escaping my eyes the blood felt so warm. Memories came flooding through my mind. About the night. I was reading a book called "Remebering Sunday". Soon I heard my door crashing open what sounded like a man steps came close my room. Tears were dripping down my face I saw a man in black with a poket knife and a gun. All I could see was his firm grey eyes, full of lust. I stood there frozen with fright. He picked me up and threw me on my bed. And ...... pulled down my underwear. The whole time my eyes were closed tears came down my face . He was cutting my thigh with his knife then my nightmare ended. I went to the docters. To do a kit Justin was there with me when he heard i was pregnant . I couldn't get rid of him or her so i went along with it. I was only one month. Now I realized I was in my baby's blood. With that thought or should I say fact, made me faint. I heard the last things Liam siad "Massie don't you dare leave me Massie. I.....I....I..... Love you i love with all my heart . I can't hide it anymore I need you more than anything ." He said while sobbing I felt his tears pounding my face then his lips crashed on mine. I couldn't kiss back I layed there eyes shut losing my baby.
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