The System

Massie Horan..... Yes lead singer of the band The System and the sister of a new boy-band ,Niall Horan,One Direction. After she only sees them on video chat she finally meets the band and they are opening for her band.And she meets Liam how she's falling for,is going fall for her or keep her guessing ?


1. The Meeting

Massie's pov

"5,6,7,8,9,5,6,7,9"yelled my band's dance instructer ,Jamila."Take five"she says.My dirty blonde hair drenched in sweat my body aching I rush to my water bottle.Thats when my sweet sweet water running my throat interupted by my manager ,Cole.My band mates,Alan andJohn rush with me. Those two were like my brothers but my real brother was in X-Factor in his own band. We were getting ready for our THIRD WORLD TOUR. We are super excited but it was a lot of work.

"Ok I've talked with Simon and has a really important band he wants to open for The System.Simon." Cole shouted in walked in four guys I have seen on video chat with my brother.My heart skipped the beat it was Niall's band, but were was he? Tears were forming then I decided to look for him in the break room , and there he was eating our food. That made me smile and I gave him a huge bear hug . We rush back to the other guys to say hi. They all introduced themselves I have to admit Liam's smile made my heart melt like butter on toast. But he might have a girlfriend,sadly. That was until I said somthing about seeing them on video chat.

"Oh yes, Massie.Liam would and still hopes that you would video chat with Niall. He couldn't take his eyes off you when you were dancing ." Louis said with such glee while Liam stood there blushing whoa.
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