The System

Massie Horan..... Yes lead singer of the band The System and the sister of a new boy-band ,Niall Horan,One Direction. After she only sees them on video chat she finally meets the band and they are opening for her band.And she meets Liam how she's falling for,is going fall for her or keep her guessing ?


4. It's Not a Dream It's a Nightmare

Massie's pov
I woke up dripping sweat the car ride was only a dream a very weird one . I get up put my make up on and head to the satdium . The guys were still sleeping my first show was going to be one soon I had to hurry. Once I got there I headed to makeup ,Ruby my best friend and stylsit worked on me . I was a wreck I couldn't stop thinking about Liam. Soon Zayn comes in shirtless. Ruby blushed. Zayn was told he needed to come and get make up down from Louis. Of course. Ruby played a along once I left she already had his number. Seems like I just set my friends with a guy. And like on cue Harry rushed through the hallway carrying Jamila passionetly kissing. Jamila trying to unbotten hi shirt . Okay here's the thing with Jamila and Harry . They dated a long time ago. They were head over heels. Until one night Harry got drunk at a party took Jamila upstairs and well took her pureness. Since he was drunk he never remembered so he never called nor talked about it. Jamila became mad that he ruined her innocence so she left him but still loved him. There was there story , I soon pass Liam he grabs my wrist and pulls me into a closet. "Look I'm sorry about what happened , the kiss and your boyfriend, please forgive me". He pleaded i couldn't answer. I was just stareing at the pool of blood near my stomach . Tears rushed down my face this couldn't be happening the docter siad it wouldn't but it did......
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