The System

Massie Horan..... Yes lead singer of the band The System and the sister of a new boy-band ,Niall Horan,One Direction. After she only sees them on video chat she finally meets the band and they are opening for her band.And she meets Liam how she's falling for,is going fall for her or keep her guessing ?


3. Explain Please

Liam's pov
I let out a breath of relief ,its not Danielle. To my surprise its Niall ,bad but not horrible. He gives me a "answermewhatareyoudoingnearmysistersbedroom"look. Panick ozzes down my eyes. Oh crap i still smell like Massie. My siclence was broken when Niall spoke. "Liam,why are you smelling like my sister"? I panick and say it was a new deorderent he nodded i was off the hook,or was I. I rush to my guest room heart still pounding just thinking about Massie. I hear a forigne voice with Niall. I walk out to see a guy, jealously was all over my face. Once Massie leaped up to give him a passionet kiss. I was ready to puke,wait I love Danielle ,right? She lead up to her bedroom. I started getting madder and madder each second . Then I heard a guitar playing two voices singing a song Dare You To Move. When I heard Massie's voice made my heart melt. Soon the music stopped i was getting mad.Soon I ended up opening the door her boyfriend gave me a glare and left. I was satisfied but Massie wasn't oh no. "Really thanks Dad,now leave ok"! Massie yelled .
Massie's pov
That A** I can't belive what Liam just did. My gosh its my house I'm older I don't need a freaking babystitter. I stayed up late and woke up around 3:35am. I decided to sneak out to get some Starbucks. Soon I saw Liam follow me I nodded and he came up to my car and we were off. I broke the scilence "Explain to me why did you do that with me and my boyfriend Justin"? He sa there blank. All he manged to say was i yet he stumbled .
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