The System

Massie Horan..... Yes lead singer of the band The System and the sister of a new boy-band ,Niall Horan,One Direction. After she only sees them on video chat she finally meets the band and they are opening for her band.And she meets Liam how she's falling for,is going fall for her or keep her guessing ?


6. Awake

Massie's POV
I woke last thing I remember is the closet with Liam. I look around the room I see dozens of flowers and one not all by itself saying
The word caught me by surprise I knew all a long he was cheating I played a long cause we were "cute" together . I got the not torn it and thee it away it makes sense that trash belongs in the trash. Soon I hear Liam's footprints walk through the door my heart leaped. "Your awake"! He said with such joy. Next the doctor and Niall came in . Crap this can't be right. "Ms. Horan your baby didn't make it through , we are very sorry ." I sat there frozen my head spinning. Niall said i could leave any time. I just sat there blank empty. Liam came back said Niall was needed to talk to my manger about the situation ."come here". I ordered. He came. I monitored closer ,listened . Soon he was a breath away from me. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt a kissed him. His cheeks turned red ,he looked absolutely perfectly cute. "I'm ready to go home" he nodded .
" I brought some clothes from your flat". He handed out a long grey long sleeve that exposed my shoulders and hid my hands. Some black jeans and black flats. I pulled the curtain and changed knowing my sellout would show. I was down and put my hair in a messy bun. Liam tells me that I was in the hospital for 2 days. Thank God I was on a month brake from the tour. We arrived and Liam stood at my doorway. I smiled " you know you can come in ". "I know " he said. I held some anti-depression pills and took one. I don't know if it was the pill but I had the urge to be with Liam. Show him I love him too. I walked over and kissed him , not lightly but with passion. We landed on my couch it was so wrong it was right. "Are you sure". No I just led you to my couch to tease you making you think I wanted to go all the way,I thought. "Yes". And with that he showed no hesitation . His body pressed against mine ,my fingers intertwine with his hair ,and my lips crashing against his. My mind was showing him that I love him ,I took a breath and answered him " I love you too Liam" he smiled and continued. Like I said ,I was focused on Liam so when my door opened I had no idea. "VAS.........oh" Zayn said as him ,Harry ,Louis,and Niall coming through my door surprising me and Liam.Well f&$@! Liam got off of me and button his shirt. Niall was dripping with anger . "LIAM WHAT THE F&$@ ARE YOU DOING GET OFF HER NOW MASSIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY WERE YOU DOING THIS"! He yelled "NEVER MIND THAT YOU WILL NOT SEE LIAM AND LIAM WON'T SEE YOU!" Now I was mad. The rest of the guys left except Niall."NIALL REMEMBER IM OLDER I DONT NEED YOU LOOKING AFTER ME"! Then he said words that killed me." If your so mature then why did you let yourself get raped ". He took a long pause knowing what he said killed me. "Massie I'm sorry I .... I ....I didn't mean it it just came out". "Get out get out" I said. He left I started crying I needed Liam right now holding me. The next day Jamila came. "Massie stop it okay you know you should've waited to have sex with Liam ". "I know but I love him" I sobbed. "Massie its okay I know how you feel I'm sorry maybe I can get harry to sneak Liam here". My face brightened she knew how to make me happy beside food. "So what's the new between you two" I ask . She blushed......she got laid. I laughed for the first time yet I still needed Liam's touch ,and the electric shock I got when he kissed me. "Talk to Niall okay he misses you" jamila pleaded. "And I miss Liam".
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