Just Two Small Town Girls

18 year old Nancy Del Valle and 17 year old Salma Robles both are Seniors are Haynes High School. They both work part-time at The Happy Mug Café. They both love One Direction and plan to one day get VIP/Backstage Tickets to one of their concerts. One day, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis go to the café. Will this little visit from the Boys change their lives? Will they be able to live their dream or will it turn their dreams to nightmares? This is what happens when 'Just Two Small Town Girls' meet One Direction...


2. Café to a Hospital


~Nancy's POV~

"Ah, yes may I have the 'Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino please?" Louis said as Salma was writing down the order. I took the order book away from her because she was too nervous to write it down. I recommended Salma to take a 5 minute break so she could have time to get herself together and calm down. She nodded in agreement and left the table. It took me about 30 seconds for each person but this time it took me about 5 minutes just for Niall. I could feel Harry staring at me. As Salma came back, Louis eyes went straight to hers. I just elbowed her.

"Hey! What was that for!" Salma raised her voice at me.

"Seriously Salma! I'll tell you later." I replied to her. I could tell she was getting nervous again.

"We'll be back in 10 minutes with your orders, gentlemen." I told the boys. I had to use good manners to make a good impression on them.

As me and Salma walk back to the kitchen, I could feel eyes just staring at us both.

"Why'd you elbow me back there!" Salma told me as she was starting to raise her voice again.

" I wanted to show you that THE LOUIS FREAKING TOMLINSON'S eyes automatically landed on YOU as soon as you came back!"“Stop making stuff up! Now let’s get the boys the drinks they ordered. I don’t want to look bad towards them.” Salma said as she was preparing Zayn’s Cappuccino.

“Hey girl, wanna go to a party on Saturday? It’s gonna be REALLY fun I promise you.” I asked Salma as I prepared Niall’s drinks. He had ordered the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, the Mocha Cookie Crumble, the Caramel Delight, a Hot Cocoa, and warm green tea.

“I don’t know. Let me ask my parents. They’ll probably say yes, since I've known you since like 3rd grade.” Salma replied. Salma and I have been friends since 3rd grade. She’s now like a sister I never had. I love her. She’s amazing, she beautiful, AND she’s the captain of the cheer squad. She has dark aqua colored eyes, beautiful blonde hairs that is a little longer than shoulder length. I was just girl with shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, and captain of the lazy club. I would totally see how Louis could stare at her.

“Salma! Everything is ready! Let’s go take it to them.” I yelled at her in-case she didn't hear me.
“ Alright let’s go then!” Salma said back to me.

As Salma and I we’re walking back to the boys’ table. I started feeling weak-kneed as I saw Harry fixing his hair with his adorable flip.

“Here are you drinks! Anything else you guys need?” Salma asked very pleasantly and professional.

“Not now thank you, beautiful.” Said Louis as he wouldn't take his eyes off of Salma. I think she notice that since she started to blush. Salma and I left for 5 minutes up until they called again.

“Misses! We need to ask you girls something.” Said Liam calling us to go back to them. He wanted to ask us something, so we started walking back to them.

“Yes? What would you like?” I asked nicely trying to make my best impression.

“Just two quick questions.” Harry said. Oh! His deep voice kept driving me CRAZY!

“We’ll be glad to answer them.” Replied Salma.

“I love the fact that you girls haven’t screamed in our ear yet. Well, that wasn't much of a question but we just wanted to introduce ourselves.” Said Niall.

“Oh well, we know who you guys are. We just didn't want to scream because #1 we’re working and #2 I guess your ears hurt from all the constant screaming.” I said as I stared at Harry.

“Yeah, we’re HUGE fans.” Salma told them.

“Well in that case, you guys deserve hugs!” Said Louis. Of Course he would say something like that. One by one they got up and hugged us. First Niall, then Louis, Zayn next and at last it was Harry. I loved their hugs but that one hug from Harry felt like forever. I felt sparks fly all around my body. I don’t know what happened to me. He had like some mythical power to make so nervous that I ended up fainting. I don’t know how, but I just woke up to being in the hospital.

“Ugh! What happened, Salma? Why am I here?”  I asked Salma.

“Wow. That must have been like really powerful. Well, you fainted in work.”

“What?! How? We we’re just serving our clients!” I pointed out to Salma.

“Not just any clients!” Salma exclaimed to me.

I heard people knocking on the door. I really don’t remember anything on how I fainted or what happened to me that caused my fainting. It’s not like I’m pregnant or anything. I heard the knocking again.

“Oh, come in! She’s awake now!” Salma yelled at the people outside the door. I think it’s just like a nurse just to check me on how I’m doing.




“Are you okay?”

“ Good morning, Sleeping Beauty! Are you alright?”

I heard five guys’ voices. I turned and looked at Salma.

“No! It’s not them! Are you kidding me? Salma! Tell me it’s not them, please! Salma! If it’s really them then thank god I am in hospital! I don’t want to open my eyes! Ok! Whew, calm down, open your eyes Nancy, it’s all in you head it’s all a dream.” I was going crazy. I couldn’t stay calm. I heard someone run up to me and touch my face trying to shush me.

“ShhShhShh. It’s all okay. Just breath.” Said a deep voice. Harry. I quickly opened my eyes. I felt like fainting. I tried not to…again. I just breathed.

“How? Wait, why?” I asked nervously.

“Well, let’s start off where we were giving you girls hugs back at the Café and when it came to me hugging you, you fainted, in my arms.” Harry said. Oh god, I had fainted in Harry’s arms. Yeah, now that totally won’t make it obvious that I like him now. Fainting in someone’s arms…most embarrassing way to show someone that you like them. Great. WELL! I'm off to a great start, aren't I? Wow Just Wow.


I know, i know. it's boring. i get it. trust me, the next one will be A WHOLE LOT BETTER! lot's of action! i'm going to try to  make them as long as this one. just letting you know. :) BYE!<3

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