What A Dream

Mickey travels to england on a school trip and runs into someone she has adored since she found out about him. Niall Horan from one direction. They fall in love. but when she has to go back to canada, she feels that everything is going to fall apart. can Mickey and Niall keep their relationship or will it crumble.......


12. The Worst Feeling

When we get back to the hotel, I immediately text Niall, asking him to come over to the hotel to have dinner in the Buffet. When he gets here, I give him a big hug, "I'm sorry about my teacher, I hate her so much."

We walk over to the Buffet, "Its ok, I mostly want food anyways."

I laugh, "Of course you do, Your always hungry."

We walk over to the buffet table and get our food. We had just sat down when Maddie interrupted us. "I'm so sorry Mickey I didn't mean to," her eyes were starting to fill with tears. I immediately saw Mrs. Brett coming from behind her. She didn't look happy.

"Mickey, go and pack your bags. you will be heading home tomorrow morning," Mrs. Brett said as she glared at me.

"What! How? Why!" I was speechless. Thoughts started to rush through my head. We still have 2 weeks until we had to go home, "Maddie what happened?"

"I'm so sorry, I was talking with the other girls about you and Niall and Mrs. Brett came around the corner right as I was telling them about how we were tricking her. I'm so, so sorry."

Maddie started to cry and ran off before I could say anything. A sick feeling started rising in my stomach. I felt Niall's eyes burning into the back of my head. I turned to him with tear stained cheeks. "I have to go," I said before he could ask what was going on. I ran off leaving Niall alone with Mrs. Brett.

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